Site Updates 4-18-2024

Been adding a ton of great content to site! The year of building continues!

Demo Pages Added:
 I have removed the separate listing of the Jade Cocoon pack-in demo, as it’s now a variant on the main demo’s page
All Jampacks are now on site!
The entire OPM demo disc run now has its base pages created. They alone make up 1/6th of the Demo Master List!
Genre Pages Added:
Living History Project
The last social media post has been programmed. Aside from the one last video to do at the end of the year, the 9-Year LHP journey is done. It feels so weird…
Variants – Additions, Updates, Corrections:

Variants Added

Hologram Box Variant – it’s at the bottom next to the logos.
There is now a correct GH spine and an incorrect GH spine discovered!

Double Jewel Case Ring hub Variant
Added new GH variant and updated the prior one
Interesting Hue Variant
E for Everyone ESRB Variant
Variant Corrected:
Armored Core: Project Phantasma now has it’s original Day 1 Sticker contest version posted. I removed the plain version as that now seems to be in question.
Best Buy Variant now had the correct packaging and disc info. My version was the BB guide inside the standard version – thanks to our eagled eyed contributors for keeping me on my toes!
Variant Updated
There are no known variants of the game, though the sticker calling out the free SimCity Game Cards seems to have randomly been applied to the case and / or the shrinkwrap.  Thanks to a fellow collector, it’s been confirmed that both do exist. The sealed copy with the sticker on the box under the shrinkwrap was confirmed via a copy from Kay Bee Toys, who didn’t gut games.
Screenshots Added

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