Bass Landing

PlayStation Bass Landing Fishing Controller Box Set

Fishing Controller Box Set Release


October 1, 1999
Ascii Corporation
0 93992 08670 1
Sony ID:
SLUH-00063 (SLUS-00873)
1 Player
2 to 15 Blocks
Analog, Vibration, Fishing Controller
Everyone No Descriptors
Box Copy:

Feel’em bite! Feel ’em fight!

Now you can feel the true excitement of casting, reeling, and fighting the big ones. With Bass Landing, the adrenaline rush of hooking a monster bass has never been so real. No other fishing game package gives you the total fishing experience: a true-to-life rod ‘n reel controller and true-to-life fishing game.

Forget waking up at 4:00am. Forget mosquitoes. Forget gutting and cleaning. Just pack-up your tackle box, grab a few cold ones, settle into your easy chair and let’s go fishin’!

  • Exclusive vibrating & motion-sensing rod’n reel controller
  • Over 50 different rods, reels, rigs & lures
  • 5 realistically-detailed lakes & 14 species of fish
  • Save replays of your big catches
  • 7 Bass Tournaments
  • Control the weather, season, time of day & more
  • In-game Tutorial help
  • Software is fully compatible with the Dual Shock analog controller



The first variant is simple – the big bundle box has a PlayStation hologram sticker slapped on down at the bottom.

Bass Landing Fishing Controller Bundle Box with Hologram Sticker

Fishing Controller Hologram Bundle Variant

Bass Landing is unique among its North American bundle peers in that it has a case difference between the accessory bundle and the standard release of the game. The boxed version comes in as a standard jewel case with a single sheet insert for the front cover. The thicker manual is tucked behind the jewel case under the cardboard tabs.

PlayStation Bass Landing Misprint

Double Jewel Case Incorrect Back Insert Art

The standard edition comes in a double jewel case to the manual fits now, along with the standard front and back inserts. Of note also is the standard version having the UPC 0 93992 08671 8. It should be pointed out that the disc still bears the “not for individual sale” warning on it. Both original versions had their inside insert art swapped – the back insert is the front, and the back is the front. Agetec attempted to repair the mistake, with a hilarious outcome:

The corrected versions simply copied and pasted the front artwork to the back – so now it has its back insert spine…but the wrong artwork in the back…so it’s now a mistake of a mistake. *facepalm*

PlayStation Bass Landing Version 2

Double Jewel Case with “Corrected” Version




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Summary Text





  • The fishing rod bundle of Bass Landing included a peculiar deal for the buyer. There was a free trial for a fishing magazine inside, but if the user subscribed to said publication for a year, Agetec would send them a free controller. It was a $15 accessory called the “ASCII Enhanced Controller” – Item #8180.

The double sided, folded subscription card is below.



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  • Agetec reversed the Cross (X) and Circle (0) button locations on the American fishing rod.
  • The accessory bundle box’s copy is completely different from the standard release version.

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