Flat Cardboard Long Box Release with Trading Cards

Genre: Simulation CDs: 1
Publisher: Maxis Released: March 2, 1996
Developer: Artdink UPC: 0 46357 10234 9
Sony ID: SLUS-000003 PSRM: 000710
Players: 1 Memory: 15 Blocks
Accessories: Mouse
ESRB: Kids to Adults  No Descriptors
Jump aboard A-Train

And get on the fast track to fame and fortune – or to failure and bankruptcy.

You’ll start with a bit of bare land and a small bank loan, then establish transportation systems, buy and sell land and businesses, and even invest in the stock market. If all goes well, you’ll be rich and powerful. Then you can hop a train and take a first-person 3-D joy ride through your empire. If all doesn’t go well…well, you’ll have to find out for yourself. Trains, power and money – what more could you want?

  • Take on over 20 different scenarios
  • Go underground to lay tracks and cruise the subway
  • Choose from over 40 trains to run and ride
  • Play the stock market and get rich (or go broke)





  • There are no known variants of the game, though the sticker calling out the free SimCity Game Cards seems to have randomly been applied to the case and / or the shrinkwrap. It’s possible the copies with the decal applied to the case were gutted copies from EB Games / GameStop / Babbage’s, etc – where the decal was removed from the shrinkwrap and applied to the gutted case for customer viewing.




  • There are no known misprints.





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  • Copies of A-Train came with a free pack of collectable cards for the SimCity card game. There was also an inserted sheet that allowed you to gain a free starter pack via mail-in. The game cards and starter decks (including themed ones) are still readily available via eBay.
  • An updated port of a Japanese version called Take the A-Train IV.



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