Contra: Legacy of War

Contra Legacy of War Double Jewel Case Release with 3D Glasses

Double Jewel Case Release with 3D Glasses


November 29, 1996
Appaloosa Interactive
0 83717 17016 7
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1 to 2 Players
1 Block
Teen Animated Violence
Box Copy:

It’s the CONTRA you always knew…

  • Fight aliens bent on human annihilation
  • Earn power-ups that make you nearly invincible
  • Blast through everything in your path
  • Discover hidden caches of shields, bombs, and weapons

And a CONTRA that’s all new!

  • One- or two-player simultaneous action in 3D texture-mapped environment gives you control over the battlefield – charge in or launch a flank attack
  • Choose your hero: an alien, a female super-warrior, a para-military steel robot or a grizzled veteran
  • Special 3D format (used with enclosed 3D glasses) adds a whole new depth to gameplay“Contra…comes to life in this true-to-its-roots first 32-Bit version.” – Game Fan Magazine




The big double jewel case has a single-ring hub release. It IS different from the single jewel case release, and it’s fairly easy to find. It’s the damn glasses that will drive you mad snagging a complete one. The packaging looks just like the 2-rng variant, the vibrance is due to two different flatbed scanners years apart.

PSX PlayStation Contra Legacy of War Single Ring hub Variant with 3D Glasses

The single-jewel case variant of Contra: Legacy of War removes the 3D glasses – it turns out Konami ran out of them. The manual, insert and disc are all different from their double jewel case version, so it’s easy to tell if you have the real deal. The single case manual has no mention of the 3D glasses, the insert will have the whole title across it (the DJC has the title and sub-title split between the inserts) and the disc is more of an olive camo color.

It also includes an Addendum insert explaining how Konami themselves are out of the 3D glasses and the Justifier.

PlayStationPSX Contra Legacy of War Single Jewel Case release with Addedendum

Single Jewel Case Release with Addedendum

Close-up of the sheet.

Note that it’s not clear if the single-case version was ever released without this note, so I have removed that version for now.



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The game’s original release came with a set of camo’ed 3D glasses that were folded in half inside the case.

3D Glasses for Contra: Legacy of War

3D Glasses for Contra: Legacy of War


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