Johnny Bazookatone

PSX Johnny Bazookatone

US Gold unleashes a peculiar mascot that may or may not have what it takes to truly rock n’ roll. Johnny Bazookatone is a rough musical score.

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In The Hunt

PSX In The Hunt

In The Hunt is one of the best arcade games of its era, and shockingly the PlayStation version is better than the Saturn release.

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PSX Hi-Octane

Bullfrog publishes a Hi-Octane, a racing game that is a bit hard to follow, and faces stiff competition from the likes of Wipeout and CyberSpeed.

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HardBall 5

PSX Hardball 5

Hardball 5 brings yet another PC fan favorite to the PlayStation. With this kind of support, PlayStation’s sport genre is going to have a nice shelf life.

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PSX Gunship

Micro Prose wanders into the PlayStation console territory with their helicopter game Gunship. It’s an arcade style hunt in a world of simuations.

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