Revolution X

PSX Revolution X

Midway’s arcade division goes from war-bringing Terminators to…Steven Tyler? Revolution X is an Aerosmith powered shooter.

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Return Fire

PSX Return Fire

It’s Capture the Flag, except this time it’s just you against them. And everyone has tanks, and helicopters, and missiles, and guns.

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Resident Evil

PSX Resident Evil

Capcom takes a chance on a new IP and creates one of the best new games of our time. Resident Evil is still the stuff of legends all these years.

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PSX Rayman

Ubi Soft’s Premiere PlayStation game Rayman is not only a 2D powerhouse, it’s still one of the best platformer games ever made.

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The Raiden Project

PSX The Raiden Project

One of arcade’s greatest legacies comes home to the PlayStation on launch day. The Raiden Project gives players Raiden I + II to master.

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