Planet of the Apes

PlayStation PSX Planet of the Apes 450x

Planet of the Apes brings the classic movie to the PlayStation with all new enemies both ape and natural, along with different play styles.

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FIFA Soccer 2003

PlayStation PSX FIFA Soccer 2003 450x

FIFA Soccer 2003 from EA Sports features the top 18 European clubs and the ability to unlock skills of your team’s roster.

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Madden NFL 2003

PlayStation PSX Madden NFL 2003 450x

You know things are getting lean in the yearly upgrade when Madden NFL 2003’s call out features are standard features in the game.

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NBA Live 2003

PlayStation PSX NBA Live 2003 450x

NBA Live 2003 from EA Sports once more updates the rosters and several music changes, essentially paving the way for modern “Legacy Editions”

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