Ballblazer Champions

PSX Ballblazer Champions

Lucas Arts releases the ‘future sport’ game Ballblazer Champions for the PlayStation console and it’s a bit weird. Use power-ups to help pull ahead.

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Auto Destruct

PSX Auto Destruct Manual

Electronic Arts brings out Auto Destruct to the PlayStation, where you and a killer car take revenge on those who wronged you.

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Armored Core

PSX Armored Core Manual

Sony brings home From Software’s robot jock simulator, Armored Core, to American shores. If you have ever wanted to build your own mech and do battle with a friend, now you can.

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Area 51

PSX Area 51

Midway brings Area 51 home to the PlayStation and Saturn, with the usual gleeful bonuses, hidden rooms, and hilariously bad FMV actors.

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