Car and Driver Presents Grand Tour Racing ’98

PSX PlayStation Grand Tour Racing Jewel Case Release

Jewel Case Release


September 26, 1997
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Sony ID:
1 to 4 Players
1 Block
Link Cable, Analog Joystick
Kids to Adults Mild Animated Violence
Box Copy:

It’s a Big World. Race it.

Race the world over. Join the Grand Tour in the most prestigious races around the globe. Speed through six exotic locales in 40 high-performance vehicles in record time. It’s no wonder the #1 automotive publication named it the Official Car and Driver racing game.

  • Three types of racing – Join one of eight international teams in the world’s toughest racing circuits – off-road, sports car and rally.
  • 40 Speed-defying vehicles – Strap into five classes of cars including Indy, rally, sports cars, Dakar off-road vehicles and dune buggies.
  • Multiplayer competition – Race one to four players with split-screen and multiplayer link-up modes – or compete against seven CPU racers.
  • Environmental effects – Maneuver around collapsed bridges, rock slides, floods, and treacherous conditions like rain and snow.
  • 36 World-class racetracks – Race across Easter Island, Hong Kong, Moscow, Egypt, Scotland and Switzerland.  Discover short-cuts to win!



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Grand Tour Racing 98 has one of the most evil code entry methods I have ever witnessed. A special thanks to CondoningIrony from our Discord for solving the Monty Python and Scotland inputs.

Unlock Each City’s Full Suite of Stages

For these cheats, you will need to use the R1 button on the main screen – with the ‘Go” and “?” options at the bottom. Each stage unlock requires you to tap out the rhythm of a song with the R1 Button. You only need to tap out the sentence listed below, but it can be hard. “Doe, a Deer…” is the easiest one to perform, so start with that to get the idea.

  • For all Easter Island levels
    Use R1 to match the rhythm of “Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you.” This one is all about making sure you perform the first half the same as the back half.
  • For All Egypt levels
    Use R1 to match the rhythm of “Always look on the bright side of life,” from Monty Python’s The Meaning Of Life. The pauses are the hardest part of this one.
  • For All Hong Kong levels
    Use R1 to match the rhythm of the flute music you hear in front of the large wooden boat on the left side of the track. You can turn off the CD music via the pause menu to hear it better.
  • For All Moscow Levels
    Use R1 to match the rhythm of “Jingle bells, jingle bells, jingle all the way.” For this one, go slightly slower on Jingle Bells and then a bit faster on ‘jingle all the way.’
  • For All Multi-Player Levels
    Use R1 to match the rhythm of the musical sequence “Zippidy-Do-Dah Zippidy-Ay”, from Song Of The South. Select 2-player split-screen mode to race on the “B” Tracks. Select four player link-up mode for the tracks normally found in the 2-player game.
  • For All Scotland Levels
    Use R1 to match the rhythm of “Hark, where the night is falling”, from Scotland the Brave. If you have never heard it, you can actually find it hidden in the first Scotland stage. Drive and park under the Start banner in the  beginning of the stage. It will quietly repeat every few seconds. Turn off the CD music from the pause menu to hear it better.
  • For All Switzerland Levels
    Use R1 to match the rhythm of “Doe, a deer, a female deer.”  This is the easiest one by far.
  • For All Levels
    Use R1 to match the rhythm of “Ding dong, the witch is dead, which old witch, the wicked witch,” from The Wizard Of Oz. The hardest part are the last 4 notes.
Access the Challenge Stages

These are far easier and way more fun. Reminds me of the wrenches in NASCAR Rumble.

  • Easter Island Challenge Stage
    At the start of Easter Island Level 2, drive on the course counting the red and white barriers as you pass them. Once you come upon the 4th version on your right (roughly 1 minute into the track) slow down, and from in front of it, head right through the gap. You can launch yourself up the green cliff if need be. Now drive around to the right, and you’ll see the floating orange entry point.
  • Egypt Challenge Stage
    In Egypt Level 1, drive through the town and continue to the desert section. Immediately before the first tunnel is a piece of land with some buildings on the right side of the road. Reverse until you can see where the light sand meets the rock at road level. It will look insanely thin, but you can drive-up it, practically sideways. Carefully make your way up without falling back to the track, keeping to the right. Drive for a few seconds until you’re behind the mountain, and at the end is an orange entry point. Drive into it to load the secret level.
  • Hong Kong Challenge Stage
    Drive on the Hong Kong Level 5 course until the road becomes dirt. Once  there, keep going to a small low bridge that crosses a stream with an opening on either side. Get off the road, and head underneath to the orange entry point. If you need speed to make it through the water, you can back up to the fence behind you.
  • Moscow Challenge Stage
    At the start of Moscow level 2, drive backwards until you get to a small jump and pass it till you have a decent enough runway. Now turn around and drive off it veering right over the barrier. Follow the cement road immediately to your right between the buildings to find the orange entry point. Drive into it to load the secret level.
  • Scotland Challenge Stage
    On Scotland Stage 3 – When you reach the dark forest path (roughly 2 to 3 minutes into the stage), come to a stop where the light hits the darkness. Back up, and then drive your car up onto the right side, light rock face, and then drive into the raised darkened tree area. You’ll see the orange entry point for the bonus stage.
  • Switzerland Challenge Stage
    On Switzerland Level 1, drive until you reach a collection of houses and people on your left, roughly 45 seconds into the race.. At a certain point in front of the houses, you can drive up the green mountain side to reach them. There are two cabins that have a “Ski House” sign. Drive behind the farthest one up the hill. You should see the orange entry point, have at it. For people with sensitive eyes the PlayStation’s texture warping can get pretty bad on the green hillside as you’re heading for the entry point.



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