PlayStation Ford Windstar Demo Disc Dealership Set

PSX PlayStation Ford Demo Disc Dealership Set - Demo Disc

Cardboard Sleeve Release

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2000 to 2001
Varies by Game
Sony ID:
Varies by Game
Analog, Vibration
Everyone to Teen
Box Copy:

This Demo Disc is loaded with 12 Playable demos you can play on your PlayStation game console.


  • The Legend of Dragoon
  • Medievil II
  • Grind Session
  • CTR (Crash Team Racing)
  • Spyro (2): Ripto’s Rage!

Contains Demos for Software rated E to T by the ESRB.





The Ford Bundle Kit came standard with the PlayStation console, the PlayStation Carry Bag, this demo disc, and advertised the Gran Turismo 2 game. The power adapter seems to have been randomly sourced. Below is the bundle in full minus the Power Adapter. The Brochure that with it explaining everything is also featured.

Flyer for the arrival of the PlayStation hardware to be installed.

PSX PlayStation Ford Demo Letter

Letter of Item Arrival



This is a variant of the PlayStation Demo Disc 2000. Pictures and links to be added at a later time.

The Ford Bundle is a curiosity because as of this page’s publishing date (March.2020) there are two parts that have already been discovered to not be standard. A fellow collector sent images of his bundle. Their version included Ford Racing while mine came with Gran Turismo 2. The latter is featured in the pamphlet, so it’s unclear why the former was in the other bundle.

Their kit also included a 3rd party power adapter for the Windstar’s console, while mine did not. It’s unclear if my version’s previous owner had kept it or never got one. The systems and bag did match though.



  • There are no known misprints.




While the sleeve is the true variant, the disc is actually a reprinting of the ‘PlayStation Demo Disc 2000’ – which makes this a 3rd variant and the hardest of the 4 versions to find with the Wal-Mart version coming behind it.

The opening is a video ad for the PlayStation Underground Magazine, and once you get to the playable demos, you have the following options:

The PlayStation and items came as part of the “Family Entertainment System” (Wait…that sounds…familiar…) that was an option for the Ford WindStar mini-van. Note that everything apart from the demo and brochure were standard retail items with no variant angle. Since there was no outer box to hold it all, you could easily assemble the entire thing in pieces and call it a day.




Clicking a screenshot will bring up a pop-up gallery.



I discussed the Ford Demo Disc when I originally acquired it way back in…2013. I am so old.


This was the teaser video of me opening the sealed disc only to realize it was just a sleeve variant.




  • There is a song hidden on the disc! If you place it in a PC / Mac or standard CD player and choose track #2, it’s the song “Empty Heart”. Not sure who is singing it though.
  • This version of the Demo disc was only available through buying the Ford Windstar 2001 with an optional “Family Entertainment System”. The set-up included the SCPH-9001 model PlayStation, Gran Turismo 2, a Carrying Bag, this demo, and a brochure. What makes this demo all the more elusive is that it is never ever mentioned in the brochure or advertising.
  • It’s important to note that while this demo was acquired in a 100% factory sealed set of items, there was no outer box keeping everything in place. From the brochure, the dealership would have installed the system at time of purchase. Since everything but the demo are all 100% off-the-shelf retail items, it’s safe to bet that most people tossed the Demo disc or never got the system box etc. The PlayStation deck was sealed, which means the Ford Demo was never in there, proving that there is no system box variant to go along with the demo’s sleeve variant. Thank god…

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