Hot Shots Golf 2

PlayStation Hot Shots Golf 2

Jewel Case Release with Poster Manual


Genre: Golf CDs: 1
Publisher: Sony Released: March 7, 2000
Developer: Clap Hanz UPC: 7 11719 44762 7
Sony ID: SCUS-94476 PSRM: 014990
Players: 1 to 4 Players Memory: 2 to 14 Blocks
Accessories: Multi-Tap
ESRB: Everyone No Descriptors
Box Copy:

Golf for the People. Hot Shots Golf’s award-winning gameplay returns.

  • 13 golfers who’d probably under-tip the valet
  • 7 glorious courese
  • All new Tournament Mode
  • Equipment upgrades for the true fanatic
  • Unrivaled 3D graphics

“The best golf game ever made just got better,” –PS Extreme¬†



Like Parappa the Rapper, Hot Shots Golf 2’s “manual” is actually a poster hidden inside a single sheet acting as the cover. The poster unfolds into a huge double sided sheet. It’s so big I had to simply photograph it.


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