Site Updates 2-29-2024

Newest Additions to the site:

Page Updates
Variant Additions
  • Nothing this time, gadget. This time…
Guide Book Gallery Additions
Demo Discs Added
Screenshots Added
Genre Pages (ALL NEW!)
Project Up1 (Cheat Codes)
  • Unlock Multiplayer Level ‘Rooftops’
    Unlock Multiplayer Level ‘Compound’
    Unlock Hidden Cinemas
  • Show Objective Locations
    Remove Fire Effects
  • Added more hidden teams
    BMG Team
    North America Stars
    South America Stars
    Europe Stars
  • Begin the level with all level-specific weapons
    Have unlimited ammo
    Infinite health
    No chest burst
    No drowning
    Expands Level Select
    Selecting quit warps you to section ‘zero’ of the selected level
    Quit functions as a restart
    Press L2 + L1 for Debug Information While In-game
    Play an Import / Burned Disc
  • Camera Control
    Extra Colors
    Remove the Health Bars
    Unlock Master and Uranus
    Unlock Vermillion and Sho
    Play as Master and Uranus via Code
    Play as Vermillion and Sho via Code
    Trick the Game’s Difficulty
    Speed Up The Credits
  • I started hopping around JCW’s Corrections Connection file. I fixed an embarrassingly large amount of typos in various Feature articles. Also random pages here and there.
Wholesale Barcode Added
  • Cokem International Ltd.
    6 96055 10366 9 Q*Bert / Wheel of Fortune 2 (Values Bundle Packaging)
Important Info for $1 Project Donators!
  • If you donated to the $1 Project fund and you’d like a thank you postcard, DM on Discord or E-Mail me with your mailing address and favorite PS1 game or character!

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