Battle Arena Toshinden 2

PSX PlayStation Battle Arena Toshinden 2

Plastic Ridged Long Box Release


One-on-One Fighting
PlayMates Interactive
May 23, 1996
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1 to 2 Players
Teen Animated Violence
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…and do battle against the greatest warriors of the world! Each martial arts fighter has been personally selected to represent his/her special techniques and tactics in a winner-takes-all secret tournament that defies death.

Your favorite characters are back in the arena with new moves and special attacks-Eiji, the master swordsman, Sofia and her deadly whip, and Mondo with his powerful spear! Two mysterious new contenders also join the battle with original moves and abilities that give them the chance to dominate the action! Learn brand new special moves, master the fight, and prepare for your day in Arena!

  • The ONLY tournament-style fighting game that features true 3-D, 360-degree rotation excitement!
  • Choose from four different camera angles: normal, long, sky and overhead.
  • Fight eleven different warriors, including never-before-seen Tracy and chaos,plus two boss characters and a hidden character.
  • Each warrior performs special moves that include: crushing throws, inverted attacks and Ultimate Moves!
  • Brand new fighting arenas!
  • Choose from eight different levels of difficulty.
  • Brand new moves and fighting combinations!





PSX PlayStation Battle Arena Toshinden 2 Jewel Case Release

Jewel Case Release – ESRB changed to Realistic Violence




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  • Capcom took the game to the arcades, and even had it run off of their ZN-1 board set-up, which is equivalent to the PlayStation hardware.
  • There is no Memory Card support, so if you want to play with the hidden characters, you must either beat the game or input the specific programmer cheats each time.





Toshinden shares many cheats with its predecessor.

  • Camera Control
    In the Options screen, set all Control Types to ‘Not Used’. Now move down to Camera Action and scroll till you can set it as ‘Camera’. Go back up to Control Type R1 and press Right once. Now all 4 will say ‘Camera’. When you start the game, each of the four shoulder buttons will now be a camera control. L1 spins the camera left horizontally. R1 does the same to the right. L2 and R2 spin the camera vertically up and down.Pressing Select will change L2 and R2 to Zoom in and Zoom out, and L1 and R1 to Zoom in and out. Note that if you press Select again, the camera will pull back to its default range. So if you’re trying to create a dynamic screenshot, save the zoom and height for last.

    Pausing the game gives Controller 2’s Select button two functions. Pressing it will advance the animation one frame at a time. Holding will scrub it forward in slow motion.

    If you combine this with the HUD Removal code, you can have a limited ‘Camera Mode’ for clean screenshots. When you unpause the game, the camera will stay where you left it. Once the next round hits, it will reset to normal.

  • Extra Colors
    Hover over the Random Select Icon, and hold Select to slow down the tumbler. Once you see the character you want, press Weak Punch for Color #3 and Weak Kick for Color #4.
  • Remove the Health Bars
    Pause the game. Press and hold Circle + Square + Triangle + Cross, and while still holding press Select twice. Repeat to bring them back.
  • Unlock Master and Uranus
    Finish the game on Level 4. After the credits, if the title screen cursor is blue, you’re ready. Start a new game. Hover on the Random Select and while holding Select to slow down the cycle, wait for them to appear. Be quick on the selection!
  • Unlock Vermillion and Sho
    Once you have Master and Uranus unlocked, set the game to Level 6, and then choose Master (hover over Random, hold Select until they pop and you can choose them). Now finish the game – it’s okay if you lose a round or two. Once back at the main menu, the cursor will be red, and they’ll be accessible via the Random Select box. Hover over it, hold Select to slow the tumbler, and press confirm when either is on screen.
  • Play as Master and Uranus via Code
    As the Title Screen Options are scrolling on the screen, VERY QUICKLY press R1, L2, Cross, L1, R2, Circle on Controller 1. You’ll hear a sound effect to confirm, and the cursor will now be blue. On the Random Select, hold Select to slow the spin. They’ll eventually pop up.
  • Play as Vermillion and Sho via Code
    Activate the Master and Uranus code. Now as the Title Screen Options are scrolling on the screen, VERY QUICKLY press Circle, R2, L1, Cross, L2, R1 on Controller 2. You will hear a confirmation sound, and the cursor now turns pink. On the Random Select, hold Select to slow the spin. They’ll be after Master and Uranus.
  • Trick the Game’s Difficulty to Use Shoulder Buttons
    You’ll need two controllers and head to the Options Screen. On Controller 2 set the difficulty to 3, and then set Controller 2’s button map to include the Special Moves on the Shoulder Buttons. Now on Controller 1 set the difficulty to a higher number, but press Start on Controller 2. You’ll now be able to use the Shoulder Special Moves when you shouldn’t be able to in the higher difficulty settings.
  • Speed Up The Credits
    During the end credits, if you press start, they’ll move faster. If you keep pressing start, they will continue to speed up until finished.



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