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Electronic Arts
November 1, 2000
0 14633 14251 8
Sony ID:
1 to 2 Players
1 Block
Analog, Vibration
Teen Animated Violence
Box Copy:

Be Bond, Behind the Wheel

Pay attention 007, this is for your eyes only. Q-Branch has re-engineered some of your favorite automobiles with additional gadgets and firepower. You’ll need everything they’ve got, plus your own uncanny ability to beat the odds. The free world is depending on you. Oh, one other thing before you go 007- try to bring them back in one piece.

Mission Briefing

  • Q-Branch Vehicles – BMW, Aston Martin, and Lotus
  • Exciting Missions & Beautiful Women
  • Ingenious gadgets – Smoke Screen, Stinger Missiles, and More
  • Dangerous Assailants Interfere from Air, Sea, and Ground
  • 2-Player Action




Released as part of the Electronic Arts Action 3-Pack Collectors Edition

PSX PlayStation 007 Racing Collector's Edition

Collectors Edition Release – SLUS-01300CE / PSRM-021124



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  • John Cleese reprises his role as gadget man R from the movie series.
  • He is also the only actor to offer his real voice to the in-game character. Despite images, all other characters are done by other people. Some of them rather poorly.
  • Among the featured cars are the Aston Martin, the BMW Z, and the Lotus. Most of the cars have their gadgets intact or have an explanation for them not being used (as per the lack of underwater stages).
  • The only game in the EA Action Collector’s Edition not released as a Greatest Hits.
  • Not including the ‘good guys’, there is only one real James Bond bad guy in the entire game, and that’s Jaws.
  • This game was only available on PlayStation.
  • Carson Pascoe, who voices Dr. Melody Chase in this game, has voiced other characters in other James Bond games, including Christmas Jones.
  • There is an interesting glitch in the stage where you must rescue the agent from a bunker. Even if the character doesn’t get into the car, the timer to end the stage begins. The only way to combat the issue is to enter the bunker from an angle, hope the character gets in right away, and then haul ass in the opposite angle you entered.
  • During the boat chase sequence, there is a radio broadcast picked up by the local police force. The two voices sound amusingly like parodies of Boss Hogg and Roscoe P. Coltrane from The Dukes of Hazzard.
  • For all the difficulty the game throws at you, it has a severely warped sense of humor with unlocking secrets. The majority are just weird color-changing functions that add no real reason to replay the game.



007 Racing is one of the most frustrating games on the system. It is a controller-breaking, disc-flinging rage machine. Some of this will hopefully ease your woes.

Programmer Cheats
  • Unlock the Aston Martin Vantage in Multiplayer
    At the Title Screen, QUICKLY press L1, R1, Triangle, Circle, Cross. If done right, you’ll hear a laugh. It’s now in Multiplayer. This code is featured on the car’s license plate found on the actual cover.
  • Unlock 00 Agent Difficulty
    Complete the game on Agent Difficulty.
  • Unlock the Forklift in the Main Game
    Enter your name as DFRKLFT. after completing a stage or as a name in multiplayer. You’ll hear an evil laugh to confirm. Only machine guns are available as weapons – god help you.
  • Unlock Insanely Tall Human Characters
    Enter your name as LEMKE whenever 1st asked in Mission or Multiplayer. Now everyone looks like Mr. Fantastic.
  • Activate Funky Missile Trail, Crazy Skids, Purple Explosions Cheats
    After a mission or in multiplayer, enter your name as ATHJCEJ. Accepting will make you hear an evil laugh, and then the three listed cheats are now activated.
  • Become Invincible
    Complete a mission or choose multiplayer, and then enter your name as BLLTPRF. You will hear an evil laugh. You’re now bulletproof – have at it!
  • Cheat Mode
    Enter your name as MMMQRRQ in Mission Mode or Multiplayer. You will hear an evil laugh. This will activate all in-game cheats you would have had to otherwise unlock via the in-game challenges.
  • Unlock Multiplayer Level ‘Rooftops’
    On 00 Agent Difficulty: Survive the ‘Download’ Mission
  • Unlock Multiplayer Level ‘Compound’
    On Agent Difficulty: Finish the ‘Escape’ Mission
  • Unlock Hidden Cinemas
    If you earn a 100% Perfect score on any stage, one of the Bond girls will show up with a special little greeting. This is separate from the Activated Cheat reward videos.
Cheats Menu Unlockables

007 Racing has the most annoying set of unlockable rewards in the PlayStation library. You need to perform super-heroic feats that usually unlock hilariously useless visual edits. These feats are described as Hints in the Cheats Menu. You will need to pay attention to the Difficulty you are supposed to be on and then figure out the clue and then do it.

To save you time, I’ve provided the Difficulty in the stage name and then the hint in quotes. The actual task will then be listed and I’ll provide any help I can. The only feat I haven’t done is the Fire Hydrant run in Gimmie a Brake – but the cheat is confirmed via the Cheat Mode code above.

Agent – Escape the Border

  • “Can you make a run for the border in under 90 seconds?”
  • One of the easiest in the game. Here’s how to streamline the run: From the start, grab the shield, missile, and powerslide to the left, and fire the missile as you face the door. Grab both missiles AND SWITCH OFF STINGER to Hellfire missiles. Brake close to the female so she’ll enter. Head out, missile attack the barricade. Head left, dodging everything. Missile the barricade and as you enter the helicopter area switch to the Stinger. Power slide and start driving backward around the arena; the helicopter will lower. Hit it with the Stinger, then slip past the tank blocking the path out and haul ass. The rest is just jumping ramps.

Agent – Ambush

  • “Health is an essential commodity in your line of work.”
  • You’ll need to finish the stage with 85% Health left.

Agent – Survive the Jungle

  • “Leave the Enemy Forces Immobile”
  • You’ll need to destroy all 3 massive tanks with Hellfire missiles. The trick is to go for all 4 mines first since you lose the chance for them if the bridge explodes. Take the side road back to eliminate the tanks, then head back to the finish line.

Agent – Escape

  • “Perfection has its rewards.”
  • You will need to score 100% in the Level. It’s really all about speed here. Cut every corner, straighten every bend, and pick up every power-up.

Agent – River Race

  • “Don’t leave any Q-Branch Equipment in the field.”
  • You will need to collect every Nitro Boost and NTF Weapon power-up on the map. There are 17 total weapons you need to pick up – Health isn’t needed. Just the NTF Bullets and Nitro boosters.

At the very last bridge, make sure you’re in the middle looking down the river head-on. This will give you the best angle to fire on the boat. Here’s the on-the-fly checklist of what you need to pick up.

  1. Nitro – Right turn from the start
  2. Nitro – Go left of the bridge, work your way around
  3. NTF Bullet – Quick Right onto the bridge, then turn 180°  back to the road
  4. Nitro – As you turn back onto the main road
  5. NTF Bullet
  6. NTF Bullet – Inside the mini-structure
  7. Nitro – Just outside of it
  8. NTF Bullet – As you cross the river bridge.
  9. Nitro
  10. NTF Bullet – As you cross the river bridge
  11. Nitro
  12. NTF Bullet- As you cross the river bridge
  13. Nitro
  14. Nitro
  15. NTF Bullet
  16. NTF Bullet
  17. NTF Bullet – then grab the NTF Launcher, turn around on the bridge, and destroy the boat with 4 shots.

Agent – Submerged

  • “A clean bill of health is top priority.”
  • You’ll need to finish the level with 100% Health.

00 Agent – Gimmie a Brake

  • “Discover and Activate New York’s Alternate Sprinkler System”
  • You will need to run over 11 fire hydrants as you pick up the 21 transmitters.

The problem is that the transmitters will not populate till the previous one has been picked up, so you can’t map out a run. They do appear in the same spots though, so the trick is to count off the transmitters so you know when to look. 

  1. Hydrant #1 is directly behind the 1st transmitter on the corner of the sidewalk.
  2. As you turn right onto the street, hydrant #2 is further down, on the park corner near the bank-looking building. Snag it on the fly, then keep left of the building and go behind it.
  3. Behind the state building, you’ll find hydrant #3 on the left, all by itself on a brown plaza. Head back to grab Transmitter #2 from the park where you snagged Hydrant #2. 
  4. As you snag transmitters 3 and 4, the #4 hydrant is at the far corner of the statue park. 
  5. The #5 hydrant is to the left of the 5th transmitter. Due to the angle of the corner building, snag the hydrant first and then turn around for the transmitter.
  6. The #6 hydrant is near the 8th transmitter on the corner of the park.
  7. On the way to the 9th transmitter, you will need to duck left to snag the lonely hydrant sitting at the far end of the park. 
  8. The #8 hydrant is near the 10th transmitter, on a park corner.
  9. Transmitter 11 and hydrant #9 are next to each other on the park corner.
  10. Hydrant #10 is right behind Transmitter 18 on the park corner.
  11. The final hydrant is on the jetty as you launch the car into the bay.

00 Agent – Highway Hazzard 

  • “Injuring civilians will not be tolerated.”
  • You must finish the level successfully without touching or harming another civilian vehicle. Literally can’t be touched. If you see a negative score counter appear, restart the level.

00 Agent – Air Strike

  • “Curiosity that bears no fruit is wasteful.”
  • You need to destroy only the brown tents that have items in them.

Row Closest to the Truck

  1. 1st Tent closest to the Truck you drive out of (Stinger Missile)
  2. 3rd tent. (Health)
  3. Last Tent in the same row (Stinger Missile)

Row Farthest from the Truck, Closest to the Fence. The count starts from the cement wall.

  1. 1st From Left (Laser Designator)
  2. 2nd From Left (Health Pack)
  3. 3rd from Left (Stinger Missile)
  4. The 4th from the Left (Health Pack)
  5. Fifth From Right (Health Pack)

00 Agent – Breakout

  • “If you don’t have your health, you don’t have anything.”
  • You will need to finish with 100% Health.

00 Agent – Download

  • “MI6 expects a perfect mission debriefing.”
  • You’ll need to finish the stage. In 00 Agent difficulty, you have less overall time and the downloading program becomes more finicky. There is *no room* for error.

00 Agent – Showdown

  • “Time is of the essence. You have two minutes to be exact.”
  • You need to finish the stage in 2 minutes, it’s not impossible, but there is a catch. In 00 Agent they strip out the radar arrow – which means you have to find the escape fence yourself. To reach the gate in time, you will need to allow the plane about 10 seconds of extra movement before completely disabling it. These 10 seconds get you that much closer to the escape fence – pace about 2 to 3 seconds per engine. I’m not kidding when I say the 21 seconds they give you to get out is *exactly* enough time.

The best bet is when playing it in Agent difficulty, intentionally let the plane take off while you figure out the distance and the best location to try and stop the plane at. 


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