007 Racing

PSX PlayStation 007 Racing

Jewel Case Release


Electronic Arts
November 1, 2000
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Sony ID:
1 to 2 Players
1 Block
Analog, Vibration
Teen Animated Violence
Box Copy:

Pay attention 007, this is for your eyes only. Q-Branch has re-engineered some of your favorite automobiles with additional gadgets and firepower. You’ll need everything they’ve got, plus your own uncanny ability to beat the odds. The free world is depending on you. Oh, one other thing before you go 007- try to bring them back in one piece.

Mission Briefing

  • Q-Branch Vehicles – BMW, Aston Martin, and Lotus
  • Exciting Missions & Beautiful Women
  • Ingenious gadgets – Smoke Screen, Stinger Missiles, and More
  • Dangerous Assailants Interfere from Air, Sea, and Ground
  • 2-Player Action




Released as part of the Electronic Arts Action 3-Pack Collectors Edition

PSX PlayStation 007 Racing Collector's Edition

Collectors Edition Release – SLUS-01300CE / PSRM-021124



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  • John Cleese reprises his role as gadget man R from the movie series.
  • He is also the only actor to offer his real voice to the in-game character. Despite images, all other characters are done by other people. Some of them rather poorly.
  • Among the featured cars are the Aston Martin, the BMW Z, and the Lotus. Most of the cars have their gadgets intact, or have an explanation for them not being used (as per the lack of underwater stages).
  • The only game in the EA Action Collector’s Edition not released as a Greatest Hits.
  • Not including the ‘good guys’, there is only one real James Bond bad guy in the entire game, and that’s Jaws.
  • This game was only available on PlayStation.
  • Carson Pascoe, who voices Dr. Melody Chase in this game, has voiced other characters in other James Bond games, including Christmas Jones.
  • There is an interesting glitch in the stage where you must rescue the agent from a bunker. Even if the character doesn’t get into the car, the timer to end the stage begins. The only way to combat the issue is to enter the bunker from an angle, hope the character gets in right away, and then haul ass in the opposite angle you entered.
  • During the boat chase sequence, there is a radio broadcast picked up from the local police force. The two voices sound amusingly like parodies of Boss Hogg and Roscoe P. Coltrane from The Dukes of Hazzard.
  • The PSone symbols on the License Plate of the cover car don’t mean anything.
  • For all the difficulty the game throws at you, it has a severely warped sense of humor with unlocking secrets. The majority are just weird color changing functions that add no real reason to replay the game.

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