Alien Resurrection

PSX PlayStation Alien Resurrection

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Genre: Shooter CDs: 1
Publisher: Fox Interactive Released: October 10, 2000
Developer: Argonaut Software UPC: 0 86162 04608 7
Sony ID: SLUS-00633 PSRM: 020400
Players: 1 Player Memory: 2 Blocks
Accessories: Analog, Vibration, Mouse
ESRB: Mature Animated Violence, Animated Blood & Gore
Box Copy:

Get ready to meet the mother of all Aliens

Ellen Ripley died trying to wipe out the Aliens. Now, 200 years later, scientists have resurrected Ripley – along with the Alien Queen – hoping to create the ultimate weapon. Teamed with a crew of renegade space pirates on a research vessel headed for Earth, they must fight for survival and destroy the Aliens once and for all.

  • Try to outwit the Alien intelligence as they communicate with each other; react to sound and player tactics; and hunt alone and in packs.
  • Stay alert. Watch your back. Aliens can run along walls and ceilings
  • Ambient sound and game sound effects straight from the Alien Resurrection movie.



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Thanks to it’s default controller scheme, Alien Resurrection made it to’s Milestone Game List.



  • The game that started the dual analog stick control scheme as the default setting.
  • You read that Accessory Panel right; the game supports Controller & Mouse control set-ups. The mouse acts as your right analog stick, similar to if you were playing with a keyboard and mouse.

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