X-Men Vs. Street Fighter

X-Men Vs. Street Fighter

Capcom unleashes their arcade super hit to the PlayStation console, but there's something not quite right.

Jewel Case Release (Fighters Edge)

One-on-One Fighting
CDs: 1
(?? Megs)
1 to 2 Players
ESRB: Teen
Animated Violence
Retail Barcode:
0 13388 21029 9
1 Block
Sony ID:
June 11, 1998

X-Men vs. Street Fighter pits Marvel’s mighty mutants against Capcom’s legendary fighters in a slugfest of epic proportions. Now the translation of the #1 arcade blockbuster tears into the PlayStation game console allowing you to perform outrageous moves and link together amazing Chain Combos. X-Men vs. Street Fighter…the collision of two explosive universes in the world’s most amazing fantasy fighter.

  • The home version of the #1 arcade blockbuster
  • Play as your favorite character form Marvel’s mutatant[sic] heroes or Capcom’s famous video game champions
  • Link super moves to create massive super combos attacks
  • 20 points towards the Fighter Edge Program
  • For 1 or 2 players



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  • There are no known Variants for this game. The print run contains a typo on the back, spelling ‘mutant’ as ‘mutatant.’



  • One of the greatest slight-of-hands in marketing history. The PlayStation version by default does not feature the swapping ability featured in the arcade. There is no mention of this difference on the case, including the hilarious omission of “A precise arcade translation” buzz that was featured on other conversion disasters like Samurai Shodown III: Blades of Blood.
  • The tag option can be enabled by cheat code, but both players must pick the same two characters, flipped.
  • In Japan, Capcom clearly labelled the game as the “EX Edition” to sort of stave off the missing features.
  • One of the few PlayStation games that does not have a ‘standard’ black label release. Due to the game’s launch within Capcom’s ‘Fighters Edge’ promotion and the lack of sales, the game was  never re-released without the FE branding.
  • The code for the Tag Option is actually a modified version of Akuma’s Demon Rage controller motion. At the Main Menu, Press Triangle, Triangle, Right, Circle, R1 very fast. You should see a menu with Mode and Special Meter appear. Choose ‘Original’, and then go into Versus Mode. Have each player pick their first character, and then you both MUST choose the other’s character. Meaning if you pick Ken and they pick Ryu, now you must pick Ryu and they Pick Ken. Once in game, press Fierce Punch + Roundhouse Kick to Tag out.
  • This was the first fighting game to ever have two separate licenses joined into one game, and since then has started a phenomenon that has yet to be equaled in terms of marketing.
  • The ‘Fighters Edge’ series was a marketing gimmick created by Capcom and the publication GamePro. Basically you collected Edge points off of the back of FE version manuals, and would send in the points to redeem them for items like hats, t-shirts, and more. Sadly, most of the awards were just FE based, rather than have Capcom artwork on them, and the redemption program moved on to other things.
  • The Japanese Saturn version uses a Special 4 Meg Ram Cartridge that allowed the system to run 99 to 100% perfect arcade ports of many Capcom and SNK fighting games. Sega of America denied the creation of the US equivalent because they claimed no US gamer would spend the $80 for the game and the cartridge. They were horribly wrong, and the US Saturn died just a little bit more each day.
  • True Story: While working at a family game store that sold imports, a gentleman came in and wanted to buy the US version for PlayStation. After explaining to him how crippled the PSX version was, he was still adamant about buying it as he, “didn’t play Japanese games.” The next day, he came in, traded the game in and bought a Sega Saturn with the converter cartridge, the import Saturn version of the game, and a second controller.