Wild Arms

Wild Arms

Sony embraces the RPG genre with their next entry.

Double Jewel Case Release – 2 Ring

Role Playing Game
CDs: 1
(?? Megs)
1 Player
ESRB: Kids to Adults
Animated Violence
Retail Barcode:
7 11719 46082 4
1 Block
Media Vision
Sony ID:
May 21, 1997

“One of the most riveting RPGs of the year!” -GameFan magazine

The Metal Demons, legendary destroyers of Filgaia, are returning. Powerless, the Ancient Guardians call upon three to save their once green world – a warrior, who has the gunner’s gift that many fear; a princess, empowered by magic and an enchanted teardrop; and a rogue, who claims his sword is his word… but are his motives pure?

  • SEEK AND DISCOVER the powers of the Golems, ELWs, ARMs, mythic weapons and more.
  • ENCOUNTER AND SURVIVE traps like ground spikes, vanishing bridges, and falling floors.
  • EXPLORE an interactive world by igniting bombs, activating switches, and throwing objects.
  • 3D COMBAT with animated polygonal monsters and magic from multiple viewpoints.
  • CREATE powerful elemental magic through experimentation and discovery.
  • CONTROL the fight with Auto-Battle Commands and the New Force System.
  • CUSTOMIZE control functions, camera angles, cursor positions, and more. Special options include an icon-based interface and a help menu.

“By far one of the best action RPGs of the year.” -Game Informer



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Besides the single ring variant below, a wiki article claims there is an E for Everyone variant, but right now the only evidence of this is a super low res image from the internet, which may have just been photoshopped. Any leads on this would be extremely helpful.

Double Jewel Case Release – 1 Ring



  • There are two openings to the game. The standard is the FMV anime version, and if you wait long enough, a cinematic using in-game graphic explains the back story.
  • In one of the shops, you’ll find a bookshelf with a hidden slot in it. The item you need to activate the shelf is the Black Pass, and you won’t get it till extremely late in the game. It reveals a black market shopping area. However, it’s in-game item description does not allude to this.
  • Despite Rudy being marketed as the game’s main protagonist, many of the puzzles and dungeons revolve around Jack’s various abilities.
  • The anime sequences were created by animation studio Madhouse, who have also done projects for Marvel, Square, Studio Ghibli, and a whole host of other anime works.
  • Allows you to re-name your spells. If you want your frozen water attack to be Ice Ice Baby, have at it.
  • Character designer Yoshihiko Ito also created characters for Nintendo’s Splatoon 2.
  • The real world naval ship the USS Missouri is referenced in-game. The ship was the site for Japan’s surrender during World War II, and in the context of the game, ends up being a humorous moment.
  • The game actually breaks the 4th wall twice – once where a character makes a real world reference, and is then shunned for not realizing they are in a video game, and then once during the end credits.
  • Several enemies are named after heavy metal bands, including Black Sabbath and Iron Maiden.
  • One of the few games to have a full Memory Card management system on-disc, that’s actually better than the in-console version. Wild Arm’s allows for full formatting options, which is missing from the PlayStation itself.
  • Game Play Tip: Several items in the game, including one of the Summon Guardians, are trapped in locations that if missed, you can never go back to get it. If you’re a completionist, you’ll want to have a checklist of all Runes and Gear so you don’t miss any of them.
  • Partial Spoiler Tip: Item Locations