Star Fighter

Star Fighter

Another 3DO spaceship shooting game home, but the question is...did it really need to?

Jewel Case Release Jewel Case Release

Space Ship Shooter
CDs: 1
(?? Megs)
1 Player
ESRB: Kids to Adults
Animated Violence
Retail Barcode:
0 21481 21079 5
2 Blocks
Studio 3DO
Sony ID:
September 6, 1996

The Future Of Firepower
Star Fighter: One flaming warhawk thrusting you at Mach speed from the Earth’s upper atmosphere to the warping vacuum of space! It’s a nitro-burning explosion of winged combat where the only thing thinner than the air up here is your chance of survival.

Swarms of enemy birds rip through huge 3-D worlds, while real-time, fully explodable environments pack enough land-based lock-on firepower to ground you for good!

Strap into Star Fighter for a G-force, air-to-space challenge that’ll separate the fly boys from the fly-by-nights!


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  • Acclaim’s choice of writing, “…Star Fighter: One flaming warhawk…” is rather curious. For starters, there’s the obvious nod to Sony’s spaceship game. Was this intentional? Were they trying to make people think it was a sequel or related to the other series?

    The other curiosity is that by definition, it doesn’t really have a unique definition. It’s essentially just a word meaning ‘hawk’ or referencing a historical set of gentleman. I know I usually make fun of Acclaim’s abuse of exclamation points, but this really caught my attention.

  • That said, 7 exclamation points!
  • Star Fighter was one of several 3DO games to come to the PlayStation after the former system’s demise. One that we regretfully never got, though was planned, was Killing Time – a first person shooter with a cheeky horror approach in the vein of PO’ed.
  • Graphic Designer nerdism alert – the back insert’s layout is partially messed up. The one icon box is too big, and is butting heads with the copyright text. The leading is also off on the bottom most text.