Marvel Super Heroes

Marvel Super Heroes

Capcom brings home their second Marvel fighter with an excellent if flawed port.

Jewel Case Release

CDs: 1
(?? Megs)
1 to 2 Players
ESRB: Teen
Animated Violence
Retail Barcode:
0 13388 21017 6
1 Block
Sony ID:
September 30, 1997

“Awesome – nothing can prepare for the explosion that is Marvel Super Heroes.” -Game Fan

Play as your favorite Marvel Character: Wolverine, Spider-man, The Incredible Hulk, Captain America, Iron Man, Psylocke, Shuman-Gorath, BlackHeart, Juggernaut or Magneto. Power up with an infinity gem – grant your super hero healing power, super attacks and increased strength.

  • Vibrant Animation
  • Huge Characters
  • Powerful Gems
  • Earth-Shattering Combat

A Spectacular translation of Capcom’s #1 Ranked Arcade Blockbuster



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The Sweepstakes Variant included a scratch off card, allowing you the chance to win a variety of prizes.

The Target Phone Line Card Variant Included small cardboard piece with the Tip Card Attached.

Phone Card and Backing Piece






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Jewel Case Release – Fighters Edge Variant


Jewel Case Release – Sweepstakes Version


Jewel Case Release – Target Phone Card (PSRM-003291)



  • The game’s case artwork actually presents you all but two characters separated by alignment. The front cover features all 6 good guys, the CD features the 3 ‘human’ bad guys, and the inside back insert features the ‘god’ character Thanos. Oddly, the two missing are the bad ‘creature’ characters – Shuma Gorath and Blackheart. Sadly, the Fighter’s Edge version ruins this by having a silkscreen of the good guys on the CD.
  • Despite not showing it, the US Sega Saturn Version uses the Japanese 1 Meg Cart. It adds animation frames to certain character crouching poses, and other minor, insignificant fixes.
  • The Sweepstakes Entry variant had an interesting prize; the console version of the game itself. Meaning you could win a copy of the game you just bought. To add more fuel to that fire, the sweepstakes offered you the PlayStation or Saturn version, but as far as we can tell there was never a matching Saturn variant. Meaning the Saturn was doing so bad at this point, Capcom was offering a free version of a Saturn game through the PlayStation system!
  • Several stages are interactive in not-so-subtle ways. Your attacks will constantly damage Iron Man’s lab area, you can destroy the bridge in Wolverine’s stage, get thrown through Shuma-Gorath’s area, etc.
  • The game is based loosely around the events of the Infinity Gauntlet storyline from the early 90’s Marvel Comics, and now the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Thanos, the end boss of the game, searches out 6 Gems that essentially give him the power of a God. He removes half the universe’s population with a single snap of his finger, can control entire planets, and creates his own mate. In the game, each of the 6 Gems have specific powers that help you against an opponent. Thanos has control of all 6 in the final battle.
  • Like other games, several characters were borrowed or lent to other games. Juggernaut, Wolverine, Psylocke and Magento came from the X-Men: Children of the Atom game. Most of the cast then went on to be in Marvel Super Heroes Vs Street Fighter and the Marvel Vs Capcom games.
  • The Fighter’s Edge variant is in regards to a weird promotion that Capcom and GamePro set up. Essentially each Capcom game had points you could clip from the manual’s back cover. Sending these in would allow you to buy Shirts, Snowboards, Mugs, etc. The problem was that instead of having the killer Capcom artwork that everyone would want, it only featured the Fighter’s Edge logo, which was was very generic and rather pointless. The program eventually quietly closed. 
  • Originally worth 15 Points in Capcom’s now defunct Fighter’s Edge promotion.