King’s Field

King’s Field

Ascii releases a Japanese First-Person RPG to the Americas, taking a bold new step in console exploration.

Role Playing Game
CDs: 1
(?? Megs)
1 Player
ESRB: Teen
Animated Violence
Retail Barcode:
0 93992 08500 1
2 – 15 Blocks
From Software
Sony ID:
February 15, 1996

Enter a world of forgotten lore, where might dragons power the will of the evil Necron; where lost souls and high elves mysteriously disappear, and where kings hunger for the return of the Moonlight Sword.

Prepare yourself for an epic adventure never before paralleled.  A vast three dimensional world unfolds within the island of Melanat.  The world is at your command as you search for the coveted Moonlight Sword in 360 degree of texture mapped, fully rendered dungeons.  Look up, look down, LOOK OUT!  3-D rendered skeletons and dragons will jump out of the screen at you as you fight for your life.

Imagine yourself free to climb ancient ruins, traverse oceans, jump off ridges, and duel enemies at your whim.  You will find yourself pulled into a spectacular non-linear, real time reality.  Will you find the Moonlight Sword or will you slowly succumb to the mysterious powers of Melanat?  Your courage will decide.  And now your journey begins…

  • Exciting Gameplay
  • Amazing Realism
  • Fully Controllable 360 degree viewing
  • Complex CHaracters
  • Beautiful 3D Polygon Graphics



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The game features some crazy graphic designer issues, so brace yourself and follow along…

This is the original long box release. The catch with this one is that the manual actually has different / earlier artwork, which is ironically properly matched to the phone card.
Here’s the second release: They corrected the manual and the phone card to match the box art, except now the phone card’s artwork is mis-colored and has a non-matching, updated logo.
Third release, and our graphic designer decides to go for broke. Phone card’s different logo is now the box’s logo, the sword now has pink jewel highlights, the box matches, and the phone card gets the slightest of retouches. Bonus? They now let you know you’re getting the phone card on the back, and toss in a new screenshot.
…and by now the designer has drunk himself into a stupor. Another screenshot change or two, the removal of all the phone card work he did, the barcode change, and all the re-laying out of the text.

Special thanks to “HwitVlf” for the heads up on the variant and other minor corrections.


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