Jupiter Strike

Jupiter Strike

An early release for the Japanese PlayStation comes home...regretfully.

3D / Rail Shooter
CDs: 1
(311 Megs)
1 Player
ESRB:Kids to Adult
Animated Violence
Retail Barcode:
0 21481 21053 5
Sony ID:
December 6, 1995

Earth invasion! Earth Invasion! Annihilation is imminent! Deploy Jupiter Strike! Final transmissi…

Survival of the human race all boils down to you. You’re in the cockpit for the most realistic 3-D intergalactic battle of all time! From thundering asteroid belts with deadly robotic colonies to vast fleets of invincible enemy warships, mankind’s only hope for survival is…Jupiter Strike!


Jupiter Strike is the perfect solution for insomniacs. Take the Super NES StarFox game, take all the fun out of it, remove all the power-ups, difficulty settings, and good looking graphics and then add in the absolute dullest musical score ever composed and press it to disc. Honestly – I usually try to find something to speak positive about in a game, and Jupiter Strike does it’s darnedest to avoid any chance of that.

The game is a ‘rails’ shooter, where you’re always moving forward – you only worry about moving in the 4 cardinal directions and firing. The catch is that your main gun is auto-fire, and with so minimal input required from the player, you begin to nod off from the lack of interactivity.

I’m not even kidding – I literally passed out and woke up in a pool of my own drool while trying to review this game originally.

Which brings us to a problem of a review score; it’s certainly not broken like Alone in the Dark, it’s competent in it’s content, it’s just…not fun. It’s simply there.

Knowing this is Taito, it seems like they were trying for a quick RayStorm-like rebirth, but it ultimately fails on all fronts. There’s no need to play this game, unless you just have to.



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  • Japanese original name? Zeitgeist.
  • A rather unintentional discovery in regards to a GameShark / Action Replay code. If you use Infinite Shields, you can just put the controller down and the game will play itself. The bosses will only stick around for so long and then wander off.
  • There is no real ending to the game – only credits.
  • No Difficulty Levels.

The Verdict


The Good: It was something else to play after the PlayStation’s launch month.

The Bad: Everything about the game is by-the-book, lacking even the smallest hint of creativity.

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