ADK World

ADK World

A cute if not really endearing fan disc compilation of mini-games based around ADK properties.

Japanese Release

Variety / Compilation
CDs: 1
1 Player
Retail Barcode:
T4949830 01103 8
CD Exclusive? 
November 10, 1995
American Version:

ADK World is a compilation of mini-games based around the characters in ADK released Neo Geo games.



ADK is a mini-game compilation that features 6 different ‘events’ that are hosted by ‘chibi’ (cute) versions of various ADK characters from World Heroes, Ninja Commandos and more.

The buildings available to you are:

  • Mysterious Shack – Tam Tam blocks you from entering until you have met a certain criteria in the other mini-games.
  • 19YY – Brocken from World Heroes gets turned into a single level side-scrolling shooter. Simple, English friendly and kind of funny mini-game.
  • Neo-Quiz: Various ADK characters ask you questions about their worlds. Strictly Japanese text which means unless you can read the language, you’re just taking blind guesses. I actually scored a 44% my first try, so not bad.
  • Cafe De ADK – An information center divided into three categories. Includes cover scans and artwork from the various games.
  • ADK Dome – A rock-paper-scissors fighting game with several fighters. Though not in English, the ‘How to Play’ screen shows you the ranking of each card, which makes it easy to figure out. I won my first play-through it. Kinda fun, with cute little animations.
  • Brown Academy – File folder of all the World Hero characters.
  • ADK Corner – Janne D’Arc and Ryoko discuss random merchandise, what look like fan letters and notes, and other tidbits about the company. All Japanese text and voice over.

The game’s a bit rough to review. I can only actually understand two of the games (Dome and 19YY), and the rest really aren’t games, but product placement. The Dome game is pretty cute, but as reason to pick up the game, not so much. Unless you’re going for a full Neo CD set or looking for an excuse to learn Japanese the hard way, this can be left alone.



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  • I couldn’t find any info on whats in Tam Tam’s building. Assuming it’s nothing too crazy.
  • Treats the 19YY and Dome mini-games as their own titles. They both have their own attract screens, title menus, and more.


The Verdict


The Good: Cute graphics | Fun little Paper-Rock-Scissors Game

The Bad: Rather Long Load Times For Mini-Games | Not English Language Friendly