007 The World is Not Enough

Black Ops delivers an excellent movie game that still holds up years later.

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Movie, First Person Shooter
CDs: 1
(603 Megs)
1 Player
ESRB: Teen
Animated Violence
Electronic Arts
Retail Barcode:
0 14633 14185 6
1  Block
Black Ops Entertainment
Sony ID:
Analog, Vibration
October 17, 2000

BOND IS BACK – Bond’s Best Missions! Battle through 10 exciting levels in a variety of objectives. Experience the intensity of being the world’s top secret agent. Equipped with a full arsenal of Q-lab gadgets and weaponry, you must be suave and resourceful as you carry out action-packed missions based on the blockbuster movie. Are you cool under pressure? Cunning when necessary? Of course you are – you’re Bond…James Bond.

After the sweet N64 version, I must say that I’m also happy with the PlayStation version, but for a completely different reason. The Nintendo version, which was converted by Eurocom, seemed like it was trying to be a successor to Golden Eye which it was in spades. Black Ops seemed to take a different approach with Sony’s version, almost as if they really wanted you to be “in the role” of James Bond.

The first major difference is that this World is a one player fest. No multi-player here, that’s only in Nintendo’s camp. What we do have though, is one of the most accurate movie-to-game conversions yet, right down to the movie clips included.

10 missions await you, with some very impressive visuals. Yet again the programmers figure how to squeeze out some highly detailed textures, giving us the most photo-realistic faces you could get on the PSX. The levels, though more straightforward then the 64 Bit version, are all very well detailed and look like they were part of the movie backdrops. There’s no pop up and no fog at all. There is some occasional warping, but c’mon, it’s expected. Included as a bonus are quite a few minutes of movie footage, so much in fact that they even threw in the ending, unedited!

Now, here’s the part that makes it stand apart from Nintendo’s. Rather than all the sneaking around and “first person shooter” game play emphasis, here you’re involved in more investigative and movie-related ideas. Take the casino for example. In the movie, Bond simply persuaded his way into Zukovsky’s office. Here though, you first have to sneak your away in, and then earn Zukovsky’s information by playing enough Blackjack to earn $100,000. Or there’s the nuclear facility, where you’ll need to earn various ID cards to finally make your way in. It’s a very different approach to the game, which works out quite well.

Like before, the sound is also really good. Great voice acting from the cast, with John Cleese reprising his role as R. Even better, they brought back Moneypenny! Nothing like getting a sexual innuendo before you head out to save the world. Most of the supporting cast has at least one line each, while others have more, and each one counts. The sound effects are also done well, but for some reason they sometimes get lost in the music.

The control is also just right, but there seems to be a small amount of lag time in between each weapon change that you make. Those few seconds can sometimes mean your death or mission failure from an enemy pushing the alarm before you could get to him.

While some may whine about the lack of anything multi-player on the CD, you can’t deny that this is a great game based on a great (though flawed) movie.

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Greatest Hits Release

Greatest Hits Release

  • John Cleese reprises his role as Quartermaster R
  • Killer Game designed the game engine.
  • Originally planned to have a PlayStation 2 version, it was quietly dropped.
  • There’s a cheat that allows you to rake in money fast in the casino area. Simply check your favorite cheat site for the process.

The Verdict


The Good: – Great graphics | Well thought out play-mechanics | Nice Soundtrack

The Bad: – Controller Set-Up has not aged Well | Voice Acting Hit or Miss