Batman & Robin

PSX Batman and Robin Manual

Acclaim tries something different with Batman & Robin – an open world where you try and use detective skills and control the Batmobile.

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NCAA Football 99

PSX NCAA Football 99

Insert obvious ‘college try’ reference here for the umpteenth time. NCAA Football 99 continues EA Sports floodwaters of everything under the sports sun.

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Spice World

PSX Spice World

For those that really, really, wanted it, the publisher behind some of Sony’s most prolific titles brings the video game adaptation of the Spice Girls’ movie Spice World to task.

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PSX Doom

The game that invented the First Person Shooter genre Doom returns in a somewhat Director’s Cut edition for the PlayStation.

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Destruction Derby

PSX Destruction Derby

Reflections brings their chaotic racer Destruction Derby to PlayStation, and you’ll never look at flying car parts in the same way again.

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