Turbo Prop Racing

PSX Turbo Prop Racing

Sony releases another surprise title, this time in the form of Turbo Prop Racing. A fast paced boat racing game designed for the niche market.

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Azure Dreams

PSX Azure Dreams

Azure Dreams continues the Role Playing train on the PlayStation, providing random dungeons and a lot of creatures to take on.

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WWF Warzone

PSX WWF War Zone

Acclaim tries to take on EA Sports by using wrestling as their featured sporting event. WWF War Zone isn’t the best game out there, but it has its moments.

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WarGames: Defcon 1

PSX Wargames Defcon 1

No games of chess this time around, soldier. This is actual war. WarGames Defcon 1 brings military strategy in a modern world to game players everywhere.

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Batman & Robin

PSX Batman and Robin Manual

Acclaim tries something different with Batman & Robin – an open world where you try and use detective skills and control the Batmobile.

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NCAA Football 99

PSX NCAA Football 99

Insert obvious ‘college try’ reference here for the umpteenth time. NCAA Football 99 continues EA Sports floodwaters of everything under the sports sun.

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