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One-on-One Fighting
June 11, 1998
0 13388 21029 9
Sony ID:
1 to 2 Players
1 Block
Teen Animated Violence
Box Copy:

Only One Fighting Game is Big Enough to Hold Them Both!

X-Men Vs. Street Fighter pits Marvel’s mighty mutants against Capcom’s legendary fighters in a slugfest of epic proportions. Now the translation of the #1 arcade blockbuster tears into the PlayStation game console allowing you to perform outrageous moves and link together amazing chain combos. X-Men Vs. Street Fighter…the collision of two explosive universes in the world’s most amazing fantasy fighter.

  • The home version of the #1 arcade blockbuster
  • Play as your favorite character from Marvel’s mutant heroes or Capcom’s famous video game champions.
  • Link super moves to create massive super combo attacks
  • 20 points towards the Fighters Edge program
  • For 1 or 2 players




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GameRaveTV covered the entire Fighters Edge program.




  • On the back insert, in the checklist the word mutant is spelled ‘mutatant’.
  • One of the few Fighters Edge games only released in the Fighters Edge variant artwork. There is no ‘plain’ black label.
  • The game loses its “EX Edition” label from Japan, which signified it was not the exact arcade edition that the Sega Saturn got.




  • EX Options
    At the Main Menu press Triangle, Triangle, Right, Circle, L1. (It’s Akuma’s Demon Rage Controller Input!)

    • For Tag Team: Set the Game Mode to Original and start a Vs. game. Have both players choose the same two characters but flipped. So Player 1’s 1st character is the same one as Player 2’s 2nd character, and vice versa (So Ken and Ryu, then Ryu and Ken). In round, press Fierce Punch and Roundhouse kick to tag in.
    • For the Super Gauge: If you set the Gauge to Full, you’ll start with a Level 3 Super Gauge.
  • Random Select
    For Player 1, highlight the left-most character and hold left while pressing a button. For Player 2, follow with the right-most character, holding right while pressing a button.
  • Play as Akuma
    Highlight Magento, Juggernaut, Dhalsim, or M. Bison and press Up.
  • Play as Alpha Era Chun-Li
    Highlight Chun-Li on the character select screen, press and hold Select and press any punch button.
  • Post Fight Antics
    After winning the round, press Start and you can control your player again. Feel free to pummel the downed opponent.


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