Power Shovel

PSX PlayStation Power Shovel

Power Shovel from Acclaim and Taito gives players the chance to use giant shovels to in various environments.

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PSX PlayStation R-Types

R-Types from ASCII brings together R-Type and R-Type II onto one disc for the PlayStation game console. White knuckle shooting at its finest.

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Tail Concerto

PSX PlayStation Tail Concerto

Atlus returns with Tail Concerto, an amusing tale of a cat cop and the hi-jinx he gets into protecting his home town.

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Shadow Man

PSX PlayStation Shadow Man

Shadow Man takes players into the Louisiana swamplands and beyond across the Deadside and Liveside to track down villains of both sides.

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Point Blank

PSX PlayStation Point Blank

Point Blank from Namco was originally a 2-player party light gun arcade game, finally ported to the PlayStation with Namco’s Guncon.

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PSX PlayStation Re-Volt Black Label Retail Release

Re-Volt from Acclaim and Probe Entertainment offers a ground floor experience in racing remote controlled cars.

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PSX PlayStation Rollcage

Psygnosis publishes Rollcage under its own label, giving players the insane ability to drive up and over the walls and tubes of the racetrack.

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