Site Updates 7-5-2024

Crazy times in the game room, let’s get to it!

Demo Pages Added:

NBA 2 Ball finally makes its proud return to the site with fresh scans, all new screenshots, and re-organized/updated information.

NFL Xtreme Demo
Content, Trivia

Content, Trivia

SuperCross Circuit
Content, Triva

NCAA Final Four 2000 Demo
Content, Triva

NHL FaceOff 99
Content, Trivia

Page Updates

Trade Demo Akuji The Heartless
Added content, screenshots and review from the retail version (the Trade demo is the retail game)

Trade Demo Dave Mirra
Added content, 20 screenshots of the full demo

Trade Demo ECW Hardcore Revolution
Added content, 32 Screenshots covering all wrestlers featured and some stages

Largo Winch .//COMMANDO SAR
Added Video Review, Written Review, Screenshots, Trivia, Cheat Codes

Variant Additions

Raiden Project
The location of the PSRM was corrected, it’s back along the upper edge of the disc. Original prints have it underneath the Compact Disc Logo

Final Fantasy IX – Canadian, Silver Top GH discs with Color French Manual
Final Fantasy IX – Canadian, Silver Top GH discs with B&W French Manual

Pitfall 3D Phone Card Variant Added

Variant Correction

Tomb Raider II – added in corrected SLUS-A variant, removed incorrect one.

Cheat Codes Added (Project Up1)

Car and Driver: Grand Tour Racing 98
Added ALL Hidden Stages and Stage Unlocks – they’re kind of crazy and I think we found one of them first!

Guide Book Gallery

Added Blockbuster Secret Codes 2000 (Under Brady, Secret Codes)
Added Blockbuster Secret Codes ’99 (Under Brady, Secret Codes)

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