The Raiden Project

PSX PlayStation The Raiden Project Clear Case Long Box Black Label Retail Release

Clear Case Long Box Release


September 9, 1995
7 11719 44022 2
Sony ID:
1 to 2 Players
1 Block
Kids to Adults Animated Violence
Box Copy:

Two Great Arcade Faves Hit Home…right where it hurts!

When aliens invade Earth, you fly an awesome experimental plane into fierce battles to save the world. It’s the ULTIMATE airborne “dodge n’ destroy” challenge. You’ll probably end up in traction!

  • Two HOT arcade favorites, Raiden I and Raiden II. COMPLETE. TOGETHER. AWESOME.
  • The most eye-popping graphics and INTENSE action anywhere. Play either challenge: Raiden I – Pilot a super high-altitude fighter/bomber through explosive dogfights and ground strikes! Raiden II – Command an even more advanced fighter with even more powerful weapons!
  • Original POWERHOUSE sound FX from the coin-ops PLUS all new sound and music! Take your pick.
  • Multiple views and FOUR challenge levels from Captain to HARDCORE General.







  • There are no known variants.




MISPRINT: Kileak: The DNA Imperative is the actual data on the disc. The small number on the underside of the hub reads “IFPI 501a”.






Summary – Not a Review

A game series that could, and has stood, the test of time. Raiden Project gathers Raiden and Raiden II onto one disc with a robust amount of options. Two arcade 2-player co-op games that blazed the trail for modern day shooters like Radiant Silvergun and Mars Matrix. After 11 years the series is still a white knuckle shoot fest with arcade perfect graphics and sound, plus a re-mixed soundtrack. If you have a PSone or PStwo, you owe it to yourself to track down this game.


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  • The only 32-Bit version of Raiden II released in the States.
  • The opening animation (see middle screenshot) is a 3D rendering of the player’s ship taking on the first stage boss, complete with blue lasers and large explosion. Interestingly, the animation has a cycling lighting environment. If you watch it a few times, it goes from day to dusk, to night and back. Follow the on-screen commands to view it without the logo / options.
  • If you’ve played the game before and you’re confused by the screenshots above, here’s why; normally you can’t fire all three weapons simultaneously. Datel’s Action Replay has a code set that allows for fully powered-up weapons; if you turn them all on, the game glitches all 3 weapons to fire at the same time, including a full missile salvo. Much to say, you’re a literal flying arsenal. Also, if you’re like me, you’re an arsenal that can still get killed among all that flak. : )
  • The sequel, Raiden III came out on the PlayStation 2. Further sequels made it to the arcade and Xbox 360 / PC.
  • Launch day game, and thus starting the PlayStation’s then 2D friendly atmosphere. Sadly it never really carried over to the PS2, as most companies were forced to consolidate multiple 2D titles into one set for it to be released. Exceptions were made so long as they were high profile titles, like Marvel Vs Capcom.
  • Raiden Project’s PSRM number is not in the correct spot. Rather than the CD edge, it’s underneath the Compact Disc logo.
  • The first ever true arcade compilation disc for the system.



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