Site Updates 6-2-2024

The site building continues! A little bit of this and a little bit of that.

Demos Added

Best of PlayStation Underground

Cool Boarders 4 Demo

Cool Boarders 2001 Demo

Check out 2001’s Variant tab for a nifty muck up on the designer’s part. I also removed the Mailer from the list since it’s now correctly on the main page as a variant.


Our Greatest Episode from years ago finally goies Greatest Hits itself!

Page Updates

• Added Review
• Added 50 screenshots spanning the entire game played with Jake
• Added Trivia

Cart World Series
• Added Trivia

Magazine Ads

• Killer Loop
• Killing Zone
• K-1 Revenge
• King’s Field II (3, 3-page Ads)
• Konami Arcade Classics (1 ad)
• Koudelka (3, 1-page ads)
• Street Fighter Alpha 2 (1-Page Ad)

Press Releases

Added AgeTec

Programmer’s Cheats Added (Project Up1)

Machine Head
13 cheats

NBA Jam Extreme
87+ Cheats added – filled in the finally figured out names from the video

Madden NFL ’98
18 Cheats Added

Marvel Super Heroes
6 Cheats Added

Screenshots added

Bushido Blade 2  – 30 images

Pause Mode Returns!



Thanks to the fantastic re-start of the Patreon and the insanely generous one-offs from our Paypal donations, the PlayStationLibrary funding program has finally reached stable footing. By the end of the year, once combined with our Youtube revenue and affiliate links the web-site will have been funded for a FULL YEAR. That’s insane! And it’s all because of you.

To Celebrate:

• ALL paid members ($1 Librarians here on Patreon or Paypal Donations) will have their name permanently added to GameRaveTV credits.

• ALL paid members ($1 Librarians here on Patreon or Paypal Donations) will have their name permanently added to

This is retroactive, and will be the new standard going forward.

What I need from current paid Patreon members and Paypal members: I need to know what you would like as your permanent name. i.e. Jason Dvorak, Jason D., J. Dvorak, GameRaveTV, etc. Business names are allowed too! Just keep it clean : ) Message me how you see fit. I will add these as soon as I can to both site and show credits. I kept track of one off donations so everyone will be accounted for. I can not stress enough how much you all mean to me. So much fun is going on behind the scenes, and I can’t wait to keep sharing it with everyone.

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