NHL Powerplay ’98

PSX PlayStation NHL Powerplay '98

Virgin Interactive and Radical Entertainment slap on the skates and bring NHL Powerplay ’98 to the PlayStation. 1998 is the year of the hockey game.

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NHL Face Off 97

PSX PlayStation NHL Face Off 97

NHL Face Off 97 continues Sony’s journey into the sports arena. Having proven themselves in their rookie year, it’ll be interesting to watch the rivalry..

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NHL Face Off 98

PSX PlayStation NHL Face Off 98

Sony and Killer Game update the first party hockey IP with NHL Face Off 98. Flaunting over 600 players and both expansion teams, it’s time to hit the ice.

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NHL Breakaway 98

PSX PlayStation NHL Breakaway 98

Acclaim continues their expansion into the PlayStation sports universe with NHL Breakaway 98, championing their motion-capture technology.

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NHL 97

PSX PlayStation NHL 97

EA Sports hockey finally arrives on the PlayStation with NHL 97. Over 650 players across all 26 teams compete for the Stanley Cup.

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NHL 98

PSX PlayStation NHL 98

Another year, another hockey game with NHL 98 from EA Sports.This year’s entry brings an all new game engine under the hood with improved controls.

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Strider 2

PSX PlayStation Strider 2

Capcom’s super arcade bundle of Strider 2 and the original comes home to the PlayStation, but there’s a slight problem with the disc naming.

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NCAA Football 2001

PSX PlayStation NCAA Football 2001

If you’ve always wanted to try and beat the BCS ranking system, now’s your chance with NCAA Football 2001. EA Sports continues their college level pigskin.

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Ball Breakers

PSX PlayStation Ball Breakers

Ball Breakers joins Take Two Interactive’s $9.99 budget release titles with a very weird combat game. It’s action that’s always on a roll.

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PSX PlayStation Myst

Sony and Psygnosis bring the immensely popular PC point-and-click game Myst home, but did something important get left on the island?

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