Silent Hill

PSX PlayStation Silent Hill Foil Silver Shiny Black Label Release

Jewel Case Release – 1st Print “Pre-Order” Edition with Foil (Silver, Shiny) Manual Cover


Survival Horror
January 31, 1999
0 83717 17037 2
Sony ID:
1 Player
1 Block
Analog, Vibration
Mature Animated Blood & Gore, Animated Violence
Box Copy:

Every Town has its secrets. Some are just darker than others.

Harry Mason and his daughter Cheryl are driving to their favorite vacation spot. Late that night, a figure suddenly appears from out of the darkness. Harry turns the wheel in panic, and the car careens off the road. Knocking Harry unconscious. Awakening sometime later, he realizes that Cheryl is missing. Stumbling out of the wreckage, he heads towards the small town of Silent Hill.

  • Real-time rendered environments and dynamic camera changes create a truly cinematic horror experience.
  • Stunning visuals and true-to-life CG movies coupled with horrifying 3D Images will leave you breathless.
  • Intense action and puzzles stimulate your mind as well as your trigger finger.
  • Fog and shadows engulf you in a world beyond imagination.
  • Atmospheric music and sound change with each tension-filled moment.





Silent Hill has some nifty variants, but the first is one of the most annoying in the entire PlayStation Library. The launch day Silent Hill was a¬† Pre-Order ‘Day 1’ edition that came with a special manual gimmick. It was essentially coated in a silver finish, often referred to as Foil, Shiny, or Silver. The problem comes in trying to tell the difference between the Day 1 and 2nd shipment versions. From a photo, through the jewel case and based on lighting, the two can look exactly the same.

To help Variant Hunters, I’ve mapped out the easiest way to tell the differences. Take a look at this picture and keep an eye on the following points. They’re listed in easiest-to-spot to the hardest. The Day 1 Edition is on the Left:

  1. The Day 1 Edition’s coating blurs the railing’s details. If you can not see the middle bar and the white peeking out above it, it’s the first release.
  2. Silent Hill’s 2nd Printing on the right’s house is closer to black then the original. If the front of the house looks about as black as the vertical black PlayStation logo graphic, it’s the 2nd print.
  3. Cybil Bennett, the police officer, is in the bottom right corner of the manual cover. If you can’t see a clear difference between Harry’s jaw line and Cybil’s hair highlights, it’s the Day 1 Edition.

PSX PlayStation Silent Hill Manual Differences in Variant

As discussed above, here’s the 2nd print run release.

PSX PlayStation Regular Black Label Release

Jewel Case Release – 2nd Printing with Regular Manual

Konami released Silent Hill as a Greatest Hits edition with no changes to the SLUS or PSRM. The manual, disc, and insert are all ‘plain’ SLUS and PSRM as the regular release.

PSX PlayStation Silent Hill Greatest Hits Edition

Greatest Hits Release

Silent Hill, Metal Gear Solid, and Castlevania: Symphony of the Night got a special later reprint that was sold at Blockbuster Video (remember them?). These reprints have GHA at the end of the SLUS designation. So it’s SLUS-00707GHA / PSRM-011542. The manual, disc, and insert all have the GHA so it’s an easy match.

PSX PlaySTation Silent Hill Greatest Hits GHA Blockbuster Release

Greatest Hits Release РGHA Version  РSLUS-00707GHA / PSRM-011542



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Silent Hill made it into GameRaveTV’s Best Games of 1999 episode.


It also made it into the Cool Things Developers Did With Accessories.




  • Silent Hill features a really neat feature that requires Konami’s Light gun ‘The Justifier’. Usually, you would have to beat the game and get a great rating to unlock a weapon known as the ‘Hyper Blaster’. Basically it’s the in-game version of the Justifier! If you want to use this without beating the game, simply plug in the real Justifier into Controller Port 2, then turn on the PSX and start a new game. Bingo!
  • Many of the street names in the game are based on real life horror authors.
  • Inside the school building, you’ll see a list of teachers names. 3 of them are references to the band Sonic Youth.


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