Tommo 3 For 1 Value Pack Volume #4

PSX PlayStation Tommo 3 For 1 Value Pack Volume #4

Cardboard Sleeve Release with 3 Games


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The Tennis provides the player with two different game modes, tournament and free. Tournament mode is a one player games which, when completed, will unlock a hidden character. IN the Free mode the player can select to play either singles or doubles game. A total of 16 different characters, each with their own unique skill, allow for a whole variety of challenging matches. The player can also choose to compete on three different court surfaces hard, grass and clay.

Putter Golf

Take the fine [sic]pastime of miniature golf and add the zany characteristics of video game and you get Putter Golf – Perhaps the most challenging mini-golf simulation ever made! 1 to 4 players compete on courses that defy gravity, bend physics and offer multiple mind-benders to the art of using a putter! [sic]Conveyer belts, warp holes, bounce-shock fences and much more add an all-new level of game play to the classic American sport!




Tommo 3 for 1 Value Pack Volume #4 includes Tennis, Putter Golf, and Boxing. These are the three real retail games, not ‘Part of a Set’ like Sony’s official Collector’s Editions.

Tennis – Appears to be the same as the regular stand alone release.

PSX PlayStation Tommo 3 For 1 Value Pack Volume #4

Jewel Case Release – Part of a 3 Pack

Putter Golf – The back insert artwork has been slightly adjusted higher in the Pack-In version. This is not a miscut because the spine text matches up on the individual release.

PSX PlaySTation Tommo 3 For 1 Value Pack Volume #4 Putter Golf

Jewel Case Release – 3 Pack Version

Boxing – The Pack In version changes the back insert’s top copy to a more purplish hue then the original blue in the individual version.

PSX PlayStation Tommo 3 For 1 Value Pack Volume #4 Boxing

Jewel Case Release – Part of 3-Pack



Please see the games’ individual pages for variant information.

There is however, a curiosity specifically with this Tommo pack. Boxing had a small $9.99 on the shrinkwrap in my bundle. This would imply that the game was sent back to Tommo from unsold stock, or that they themselves were going to start applying price tags to the games. I haven’t been able to track down another copy with this sticker, so it’s one of the most bizarre mysteries in the library.

PSX PlayStation Tommo 3 for 1 Value Pack Volume #4 Boxing sticker

Sticker on Boxing.



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