Fighting Force

Fighting Force

There's a force fighting to bring their rage to the streets...

Jewel Case Release

CDs: 1
(?? Megs)
1 to 2 Players
ESRB: Teen
Animated Blood
Animated Violence
Retail Barcode:
7 88687 30103 9
Sony ID:
November 4, 1997

Take It Outside!

Fighting Force delivers unparalleled action and tons of attack moves in a fully progressive 3D environment. Smash through an anti-tank barricade, pick up a rocket launcher and torch incoming enemies or knock over a vending machine or fuel tanker to find hidden weapons!

  • Choose from two male or two female characters, each with different skills and strengths.
  • Play alone or in co-op mode to defeat your enemies.
  • Dozens of moves per characters.
  • Seven action packed levels in 22 different stages.
  • Pick up weapons like rocket launchers, shotguns, pipes, guns, grenades and more!



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This is usually where alcohol is involved. Eidos never updated the disc art between the first few variants…so the only way to know if you have the right disc is to actually play it.


Core Variant – Adds Core’s Company Logo to manual.


Adds Tomb Raider III Demo


Greatest Hits Release


Adds 3 Demos – Also, the disc Copyright Info finally changes


Final GH Release – Adds PS2 Video Commercial


Collector’s Edition Release (Part of a 3 Pack)



  • If you’re looking at the cast of characters and thinking, “Wow, they look like they could be from Streets of Rage,” you would not be far off. The game originally started life out as Streets of Rage 4. Regretfully a falling out between various parties saw the removal of the Streets of Rage name and the game going on to be its own entity. The characters most resemble those of Streets of Rage 2; Hawk takes Axel’s place, Mace swaps in for Blaze, Ben steps in for Max, and Alana could be argued for Eddie’s spot.
  • Ironically, the Saturn version was never released…in either form.
  • The sequel Fighting Force 2 changed the series into a single player, adventure-style game focusing on Hawk. It was pretty bad, and tied with fans displeasure of the series turn, all but ended it there. A third game was planned, but ultimately cancelled.
  • Alana is apparently modeled after real life model Zoe Gregory Paul.
  • readers will not be shocked by the amount of variants – Eidos went out of their minds with “+1” variants. That is, damn near every time a new game came out, previous games were updated with a demo of the new game. Except they did this with every big release. With Fighting Force, the problem arises that the disc art was never changed – not even to match the updated ESRB style on the Final Greatest Hits release cover.
  • Everything the back copy describes happens in the first level.
  • In the final GH release, the game Fear Effect is still listed as its original title, Fear Factor.
  • The game has a built-in cheat system, including invincibility. If you beat the game with the cheat activated, a Question Mark appears next to your score.
  • Fighting Force uses a peculiar naming convention for its enemies. While they still hold the dime-a-dozen 90’s names like Dude, Slasher, etc – the aren’t tied to specific enemy types. The names are randomly applied to whatever enemy type you’re fighting, so every enemy type can eventually share the same name.
  • All the bosses, with the exception of Zeng are named after their occupation or accessory. You’ll meet Driver, Jetpack, and more.
  • All GH Versions carry the typo of reading as 1 Player. The game is single player or co-op.