PSX PlayStation Rayman Clear Case Long Box Black Label Retail Release

Clear Case Long Box Release


Ubi Soft
September 7, 1995
Ubi Soft
0 08888 31001 3
Sony ID:
1 Player
1 Block
Kids to Adults No Descriptors
Box Copy:

Rayman has pushed the technology envelope to the limit!

This platform game is unlike anything you’ve seen or played before…

  • 65,000 eye-popping colors, 60 frames per second, and up to four independently scrolling backdrops, all of which pull you into the screen and right into Rayman’s outrageous worlds!
  • Over 50 different characters that freak you out, crack you up, and give you the challenge of a lifetime!
  • Amazing powers which develop and accumulate as you progress through the game’s 70 different levels to help you ward off enemies and avoid some of the strangest encounters!
  • Six mind-boggling, bizarre worlds complete with different climates and jammed packed with hidden passages and traps leading to unexpected combats and rewards!
  • All this in CD quality sound with over 200 different sound effects!
  • Welcome to the Next Generation!







Rayman was also released in the plastic ridged long box.

PSX PlayStation Rayman Plastic Ridged Long Box Release

Plastic Ridged Long Box Release

Released into the jewel case ranks.

PSX PlayStation Rayman Jewel Case Release Variant

Jewel Case Release

Released to the Greatest Hits.

PSX PlayStation Rayman Greatest Hits Variant

Greatest Hits Release

Rayman’s Greatest Hits last known release changed the back of the manual to advertise Rayman 2.

PSX PlayStation Rayman Greatest Hits with Rayman 2 Ad Variant

Greatest Hits Variant with new ad on manual back, slightly darker GH bar




  • There are no known misprints.






If there was one thing the Saturn and PlayStation could at least have something of a fair fight at, it was the 2D platform game. Thankfully, both systems got a great, if slightly dented game out of the original Rayman.

First and foremost, this game still has, and always will have, some of the most beautifully drawn 2D animations in a console game. If you have a Component ready PStwo, by all means, get this baby in there as soon as possible. Vibrant reds and oranges jump out at you as purples and lush green splash the landscape. Collected orbs sprinkle bits of sparkle as they’re snagged, and characters animate like they were in a cartoon.
The object in Rayman is to rescue these quite little things called Electoons and then stomp on the end boss, all while acquiring new powers along the way. The action involves punching, platform jumping and ledge hanging, minor puzzle elements involving giant plums, and the occasional ride on a friendly mosquito.

Don’t let the character designs fool you; Rayman isn’t a kid’s game. In fact, some levels can get downright frustrating. But these few areas give way to a more enjoyable, laid-back game. You’ll get your money’s worth in trying to collect all the Electoons without using up all your Continues.

In going back to review this game for the site, I find myself falling in love with the game again. It’s by no means a play-for-hours-on-end kind of game, but in increments here and there, it’s a very fun, and sometimes skill-testing ride.


The Good

  • Still gorgeous, still inspiring
  • Level design and variety
  • Music is subtle but pleasing

The Bad

  • Occasional insane difficulty spikes
  • Very few times feels like the hit collision is off
Final Score: 8.5 – Great

An excellent 2D platformer at a time when certain Sony execs wanted nothing to do with 2D on the platform. Despite its difficulty spikes, Rayman 1 is a testament to the era and is worthy of owning.





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  • Launched just before the system did, making it the first 2D side-scrolling game for the system.
  • Rayman and his fellow characters have no linking body parts; they only have heads, chests, hands, and feet.
  • The ‘Notes’ section in the back of the manual is lovingly referred to as the ‘Deep Dark Secrets’ section.
  • There are quite a few hidden animations in the game, including ones that involve the collectible mascots you rescue. To find all of the cages, sometimes you need to go around an area once, and when you come back, it’ll appear.
  • This version of Rayman is also available on Saturn and Atari Jaguar. There was also a portable version available for the Game Boy Color.





Rayman can get brutally hard in sections, but thankfully there are ways to cope with that.

Programmer Cheats
  • 10 Continues
    When you are down to 3 Continues or less, at the continue screen quickly press Up, Down, Right, and Left, and then Start once you see the number 10 appear. Repeat as needed.
  • Infinite Screens
    At any time during play, pause the game. While holding R2 press, Circle, Circle, Left, Circle, and Circle. A mirror effect will appear, with a smaller version of the current game in the window, but then there’s a window within that one. Repeat this code to make it stop.
  • Hidden Animation
    At the UbiSoft logo screen press and hold L1+L2+R1+R2, and continue to hold until the brick wall appears. While still holding the shoulder buttons press START. You’ll see a hidden animation of Rayman assembling himself.
  • Clean Pause Screen
    Pause the game, and then hold R1 + R2.
  • Full Power-Up with 99 Lives
    Pause the game. Press and hold in the following order: L2, R1, L1, R2 and release in the order L1, L2, R2, R1. Then press and release Circle. Now press and hold in the following order: Left, Circle, Square, Triangle, and release in the order Left, Triangle, Square, Circle. Your available lives should increase to 99 and your health to full.
  • Open Up The Entire Map
    ?2MC9J!GTB as a password. The entire map will be available to you as a blank slate.
  • Password Area 1 – Dream Forest 100% Complete
  • Password Area 2 – Band Land 100% Complete
  • Password Area 3 – Blue Mountains 100% Complete
  • Password Area 4 – Picture City 100% Complete
  • Password Area 5 – The Cave of Skops 100% Complete
  • Password Area 6 – Candy Chateau 100% Complete


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