Rayman 2: The Great Escape

PSX PlayStation Rayman 2: The Great Escape Black Label Retail Release

Jewel Case Release


Ubi Soft
September 16, 2000
Ubi Soft
0 08888 31009 9
Sony ID:
1 Player
1 Block
Analog, Vibration
Everyone Animated Violence
Box Copy:

Rayman is back in an enormous 3D adventure!

Fly rockets, ride whirlwinds, surf lava flows & more across 50 massive levels in 20 lush worlds. Demented pirates have invaded the world and only Rayman’s speed, agility, and magical powers can save the universe from destruction.

  • Eye-popping 3D graphics flow at a blazing 30 frames per second
  • Jump, climb, ski, swim, fly with helicopter hair and more.
  • Fight, dodge & Battle vicious enemies.
  • Unlock an exclusive bonus level.

“It’s one of the best 3D platform games out there.” – EGM




Rayman 2’s variants are both cool and slightly liberating. Both ‘big box’ editions use the standard retail release for the inside pack-in. Meaning if you come across the outer box and just the freebies, you can slap any copy of Rayman 2 into the box and complete it. Ubi Soft didn’t even bother making a different retail SKU for these – they all share the same barcode.

First up is the Beach Ball Variant that comes in a larger box. The beach ball was sealed in a plastic bag, and includes a small repair sheet. Once blown-up (See video under the Media Tab), it’s a huge clear beach ball with Rayman in the middle. One of my favorite variants, be wary if you ever get this. If the beach ball hasn’t been opened – and you want to inflate it, use an air pump. Using your breath will introduce moisture into it, expediting the collectible’s time line to an untimely demise.

PSX PlayStation Rayman 2 Beach Ball Variant Edition

Big Box Release – Includes retail game, beach ball, and repair sheet.

The Watch Edition is a much thinner box with an open window to see said watch, which was not contained in plastic. The watch looks to be a wind-up with no battery, a plus for keeping it on a shelf among many other things for decades to come. Confirmed to have been sold at least at K-Mart.

PSX PlayStation Rayman 2 The Great Escape Wrist Watch Edition

Watch Edition – Includes plastic strap watch in a tall, thin box.



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Jason used the Beach Ball Variant to help celebrate the 25th Episode of GameRaveTV. There was an unboxing video and then actual discussion video.

Preview Episode

Discussion Episode

It also made his favorite variants list.




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