NFL Quarterback Club ’97

PSX PlayStation NFL Quarterback Club '97

Jewel Case Release with Poster


Genre: Football CDs: 1
Publisher: Acclaim Released: August 31, 1996
Developer: Iguana Entertainment UPC: 0 21481 21073 3
Sony ID: SLUS-00011 PSRM: 000070
Players: 1 to 8 Players Memory: 1 Block
Accessories: Multi-Tap (x2)
ESRB: Kids to Adults No Descriptors
Box Copy:


Next Generation Graphics
Authentic, fully rendered 3-D stadiums
Play from up to 5 camera views or create your own
Realistic player movement through “Motion Capture Technology”

NFL Realism
All 30 NFL teams and players including new 1996 rookies
Artificial Intelligence learns and reacts to your play calling style
Preseason, Regular Season, Pro Bowl , Playoff and Super Bowl game modes
Players look and perform like their real-life NFL counterparts
Stadium sound effects include grunts, hits and crowd chants

Gridiron Gameplay
Substitute any player at any position
Track your own full season team and player stats
Create your own Custom Simulation or play in Historic Simulations
500 New Plays



NFL Quarterback Club ’97 came with a one-sided play poster.



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  • One of the few Acclaim releases where Exclamation Points aren’t used on every sentence.
  • NFL Quarterback Club ’97 is technically living a double life. When the PlayStation was first announced, development on its older brother, NFL Quarterback Club ’96 was being handled by a less experienced team. Acclaim essentially missed the release date window, and ’96 was canned in favor of just focusing on ’97. This game’s SLUS and PSRM number are in reality the cancelled ’96 ID tags. It’s why the numbers are so low this late in the PlayStation’s life.
  • After the release of ’97, Acclaim took the series exclusively to the Nintendo 64 till 2002, where it leapt to Game Cube and PlayStation 2.

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