Power Shovel

PSX PlayStation Power Shovel

Power Shovel from Acclaim and Taito gives players the chance to use giant shovels to in various environments.

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Shadow Man

PSX PlayStation Shadow Man

Shadow Man takes players into the Louisiana swamplands and beyond across the Deadside and Liveside to track down villains of both sides.

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PSX PlayStation Re-Volt Black Label Retail Release

Re-Volt from Acclaim and Probe Entertainment offers a ground floor experience in racing remote controlled cars.

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Blast Lacrosse

PSX PlayStation Blast Lacrosse

Acclaim not being content with Midway having all the arcade sports fun takes a stab at it with Blast Lacrosse, a crazy game of ball in net.

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RC de Go!

PSX PlayStation RC de Go!

Acclaim brings Taito’s RC de Go! – Radio Control Car Simulator to the United States and it’s awesome – the PlayStation’s spiritual RC Pro Am.

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Vanishing Point

PSX PlayStation Vanishing Point

Acclaim’s release of Vanishing Point proves that with a little bit of trickery and hardware knowledge, you can make a game look amazing.

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