Plastic Ridged Long Box Release

Genre: First Person Shooter CDs: 1
Publisher: Accolade Released: May 4, 1996
Developer: Any Channel UPC: 0 15605 75004 5
Sony ID: SLUS-00097 PSRM: 000120
Players: 1 Player Memory: 1 Block
Accessories: None
ESRB: Mature Animated Violence, Animated Blood & Gore
Box Copy:

Prepare yourself for the most action packed, adrenaline pumping, infinite directional 3-D gaming experience ever!

  • Total freedom! Cruise on foot or Fly with your jetpack through 25 wild 3-D environments.
  • Features 16 of the baddest, maddest and most unaffectionate monsters in the galaxy.
  • Select from a vast arsenal of weapons including the power drill, flame thrower and meat seeker.

“PO’ed is insanely addictive. PO’ed stands out with so much innovation, unusual graphics, and insane weapons.”
-Die Hard Game Fan

“PO’ed is one of the best action games of ’96. A great addition to any PlayStation owner’s library.” 





Jewel Case Release




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  • Fairly…uh…trivial…I guess…but the artist for the jewel case version must not have had access to the separate art files. The Logo and Image are scaled incorrectly, causing a small distortion in the image.



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