PSX PlayStation Pitball

Accolade tries their hand at the extreme future sports category that I’m not sure anyone cares about. Pitball brings more future and more balls.

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Test Drive Off-Road

PlayStation Test Drive Off-Road

Accolade and Elite take on a very different set of wheels with Test Drive Off-Road. Take on some of the most famous 1990’s trucks and SUVs.

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Test Drive 4

PlayStation Test Drive 4

The extremely popular PC racing game series Test Drive comes home to the PlayStation with Test Drive 4 adding another racing game to the stack.

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Big Air

Big Air Manual

Big Air comes from the house that Test Drive built and features five events, a mountain’s worth of real snowboarding gear and various bands.

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Hardball 99

Hard Ball 99 Manual

Hard Ball 99 brings the famous computer series of baseball games back to the PlayStation console, but the series’ future hangs on this release.

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Test Drive 5

Test Drive 5 continues Accolade’s fast paced, muscle car racing game series with all new licenses, tracks, game play modes, and more.

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Bubsy 3D

A long delayed game with fresh ideas gets derailed with poor controls and Mario 64 releasing before it. Bubsy 3D is a sad tale.

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PSX Po'ed

Any Channel Brings you to the spaceship equivalent of Under Siege with Po’ed. Just with more WTF!?

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HardBall 5

PSX Hardball 5

Hardball 5 brings yet another PC fan favorite to the PlayStation. With this kind of support, PlayStation’s sport genre is going to have a nice shelf life.

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