X-Men: Children of the Atom

PSX X:Men Children of the Atom

Jewel Case Release


One-on-One Fighting
March 3, 1998
Capcom / Probe
0 21481 21051 1
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1 to 2 Players
Everyone No Descriptors
Box Copy:

X-Men: Children of the Atom – The X-Men Unleashed! A 100% conversion of the arcade Mega Hit!

It’s here! Ultimate combat! Mutant Mayhem! X-Power! Special Moves! Mid-air action! Big characters! Sizzling graphics! Exactly like you played it in the arcade! You will need all your mutant powers, all your speed, all your strength…for this is the ultimate combat! Have you got enough to defeat Magneto, Omega Red and the Sentinel? Are you tough enough for Wolverine, powerful enough for Cyclops, Cool enough for Ice Man…Are you good enough to join the new breed of mutant heroes? X-Men: Children of the Atom — the fighting game to end them all!

  • Incredible interactive backgrounds
  • Super-Jumps and Mi-Air Attacks
  • X-Power Moves
  • Multi-Hit Combo Moves
  • Huge Characters!
  • Direct Conversion of the #1 Arcade Hit




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  • The game’s “100% conversion” isn’t accurate – frames of animation are missing, but the game play itself is intact.
  • Originally a Sega Saturn exclusive in Japan, Acclaim had Probe do the conversion for the PlayStation and DOS computers. These were strictly for the North American and European markets; there is no Japanese version of the PlayStation port.
  • The Sega Saturn had 1/3rd of the animation frames removed for it to work; the PlayStation even more so.
  • Akuma is a hidden character playable via code.
  • The PlayStation port came extremely late from it’s original time frame. The SLUS and PSRM data – due to it’s low numbers –  was either recycled from another project, or it just took that long from original license filing for it to finally come out.
  • Has an issue with certain PlayStation 3 models. It will load, and then blink on and off like an old NES cart.




  • Play As Akuma for Player 1
    At the character select screen, highlight Spiral and wait for three seconds. Then move to each character in this order: Silver Samurai, Psylocke, Colossus, Iceman, Colossus, Cyclops, Wolverine, Omega Red, and Silver Samurai. Wait three seconds on Silver Samurai and then press Light Kick, Hard Kick and Hard Punch all at once. If correctly done, the announcer will say “Silver Samurai”, but Akuma will drop down.
  • Play as Akuma for Player 2
    At the character select screen, highlight Storm, then wait for three seconds. Then, move to each character in this order: Cyclops, Colossus, Iceman, (off page left to) Sentinel, Omega Red, Wolverine, Psylocke, Silver Samurai, and Spiral. When you stop on Spiral, wait three seconds and then press Light Kick, Hard Kick and Hard Punch simultaneously. If this is done correctly, the announcer will say “Spiral”, but Akuma will drop down.


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