PSX PlayStation Doom Plastic Ridged Long Box Black Label Retail Release

Plastic Ridged Long Box Variant


First Person Shooter
November 16, 1995
Id / GT Interactive
0 31719 26950 1
Sony ID:
1 to 2 Players
None (Password)
Link Cable
Mature Animated Violence, Animated Blood and Gore
Box Copy:

All Hell’s Breaking Loose! 

This is it! The gaming addiction that’s been played by an estimated 10 million fanatics on the PC. And now it’s out in a sweat-soaked, pulse-pounding, adrenaline-wrenching version for the PlayStation game console.
It’s DOOM . The Custom PlayStation Edition Enhanced to take full advantage of the PlayStation’s cutting-edge technology. With over 50 levels of madness and mayhem from ULTIMATE DOOM and DOOM II . Plus unique, new levels of destruction that make all hell break loose on your screen!

  • Over 50 hellish levels
  • All-new ambient lighting effects
  • Super fast speed: up to 30 frames/sec
  • All-new 24 channel stereo sound effects
  • Includes all original secrets, triggers, switches and areas to explore
  • The best monsters, weapons and bosses from ULTIMATE DOOM and DOOM II
  • All the classic cheat modes plus a new, powerful cheat mode unique to The Custom PlayStation Edition of DOOM







Doom has a fun variety of variants under it’s belt.

PSX PlayStation Doom Flat Cardboard Long Box Release Black Label Retail Release

Flat Cardboard Long Box Release

The jewel case variant has a different disc artwork – easiest way to spot is the “clear” PlayStation logo on the left side. The long boxes will have a full color logo disc.

PSX PlayStation Doom Jewel Case Black Label Retail Release variant

Jewel Case Variant – Note the different disc style

The Greatest Hits release nicely rounds out the set of variants.

PSX PlayStation Doom Greatest Hits Retail Release

Greatest Hits Release




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  • In February of 2021 discovered a locked demo of Doom on both versions of Interactive CD Sampler Volume One. Thanks to the quick work of several folk, the Teen version of the demo can be patched to play all three missing demos of Doom, Mortal Kombat 3, and Loaded. You can watch the entire story unfold in the GameRaveTV Episode below, and download the patch here.


  • The PlayStation version of Doom is actually a playlist of various Doom and Doom II levels.



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