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PSX PlayStation Metal Gear Solid Black Label Retail Release

Double Jewel Case Release

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Oct. 21, 1998
0 83717 17031 0
Sony ID:
011520, 011530
1 Player
1 to 15 Blocks
Analog, Vibration
Mature  Animated Blood & Gore, Animated Violence, Mature Sexual Themes
Box Copy:You are Snake, a government agent on a mission to regain control of a secret nuclear weapons base from terrorist hands…

  • Lightly armed and facing an army of foes, Snake must avoid firefights in order to survive.
  • If Snake can locate them he can utilize advanced hardware, ranging from silenced pistols to ground-to-air missiles.
  • Enemies react to sight and sound – so stay quiet and stay in the shadows.
  • State-of-the-art graphics: textures, transparencies, models and explosions.
  • Taut, gripping story with multiple endings – truly cinematic experience.





Released as a Greatest Hits.

Greatest Hits Release – SKU Is now 0 83717 17063 1

After the initial Greatest Hits release with the “raised” logo, Konami probably got a bug up their butts and waited for the need to reprint it back in its correct location. Thanks to our favorite anonymous viewer, it’s confirmed this release came between the mistake and GHA release. SLUS-00594/00776 – PSRM-011520/011530

PSX PlayStation Metal Gear Solid Greatest Hits Corrected Logo GH Release

Corrected Logo Release: SLIS-00594/00776 – PSRM-011520/011530

Metal Gear Solid, Silent Hill, and Castlevania: Symphony of the Night were re-released through Blockbuster. This next printing has a GH of GHA.

Metal Gear Solid GHA Edition

Greatest Hits Release (Blockbuster GHA Version) – SKU Is now 0 83717 17129 4, PSRM-011522, 011532, SLUS-00594GHA, 00776GHA

Konami created a PlayStation 2 triple pack of the first three Metal Gear Solids. The original is still the 2 original PlayStation format discs.

Essential Collection Release (Part of PS2 3-Pack). No SKU, PSRM-026310, 026320, SLUS-00594P3, 00776P3)



There have been confirmed misprints that are missing the foil stamp on the front of the cases, so it’s just a blank white square. The manual mis-cut shown below is just one of many mis-cut misprints spotted out in the wild.

Black Label Misprint – Manual pages are improperly cut.




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  • The first and only PlayStation game (if not first game ever) to make the game’s retail packaging part of the game. In the middle of your adventure, you’re told you will need a character’s Codec signal. The character tells you that he, “Doesn’t have it, but check the back of the box.” This was the point where the game player, in real life, would need to flip over the actual retail game case to find the image of the Signal. This caused quite the problem as many people mistook it for an in-game box!
  • Even more interesting, is that Konami of America took the trick a bit further, and made sure a specific page in the manual had the image as well, since they realized there would be a lot of people renting the game, sans case. Much to say, those that got rentals without the manual were quick to call into stores (like the one I worked at) and plead to know what the number was.
  • Besides the case trick, Hideo Kojima planted quite a few other tricks, many concerning the Dual Shock controller, the system ports, and even the rumble itself into the game. To explain them in detail would ruin it for the newcomers, but rest assured they’re in for a fun time.
  • Deep within one of the computer laboratories, you’ll find a PlayStation console chilling on a desk. This was changed to a GameCube in the Twin Snakes GC remake.
  • Late in the game, a battle will ensue against a helicopter and its pilot. After the sequence when you’re back in the snowfield, if you look out in the non-playable area, you’ll see the pilot’s parachute.
  • The separately released MGS: VR Missions was actually part of a Director’s Cut release of the Japanese Metal Gear Solid dubbed MGS: Integral.
  • Of all the details that Hideo Kojima thought to put into the game, there is one glaring flaw that was not addressed. During the opening of the game, it is drilled into your brain that you have 18 hours before the end of the world happens. Well, for the hell of it, I let all 18 hours tick by; nothing happens! The game continues as normal. A spoiler in-game reveals this to not be a plot hole. However, outside of the game’s story – the time you take is mocked in the game’s post-game code name it awards you.
  • One of the game’s hidden items, the Bandana, allowed Snake to have unlimited ammunition. In the 2nd game, Sons of Liberty, the non-playable Snake uses it as a ‘real world’ object to help out the playable character.
  • Folks that enjoy Japanese games will get a kick out of this. Once you meet up with Meryl near the end of the game, she’ll strike a pose similar to Konami’s other game series character – Tokimeki Memorial’s heroine, Shiori Fujisaki.


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