College Slam

PSX PlayStation College Slam Saturn Style Long Box

Clear Case Long Box Release


March 2, 1996
Iguana Entertainment
0 21481 21056 6
Sony ID:
1 to 4 Players
1 Block
Kids to Adults No Descriptors
Box Copy:

Welcome to the College Slam Arena!

The crowd’s on their feet…over 40 college teams, cheerleaders…fight songs…all the rivalry…all the madness! There’s a wild dunk…the backboard shatters! This is the slammingest hoops action ever…and there’s more…head-to-head, tournament, and season-long play!

College Slam is gonna take you to school.

  • Customize and save your players and stats!
  • Storm the defense with the Whirlwind!
  • Slammin’ dunks and alley-oops!
  • Shatter the Backboard!
  • Make lightning strike!
  • The road ends here!
  • Up to 16 players – It’s Tourney Time!






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  • Though not on by default, you can go into options and turn on various power-ups and such to make the game even more arcade-like.





College Slam’s livelihood as abare bones NBA Jam clone doesn’t prevent it from having some fun cheat codes.


Admittedly the game can sometimes be picky with code entry. You will know the code works if at the tip-off your player blinks white for a few seconds. It’s best to start just after the announcer finishes saying, “Tonight’s Match-Up…”

  • Enable Dunks
    Press Up, Down, Up, Down, Up, Down at Tonight’s Match-Up screen.
  • Disable Goaltending
    At the Tonight’s Match-Up Screen: Press Down, Down, Down, Up, Up, Up.
  • Full Power
    At the Tonight’s Match-Up Screen: Press Triangle, Down, Triangle, Right
  • Powered-Up 3-Pointers
    At the Tonight’s Match-Up Screen: Press Up, Up, Up, Triangle, Triangle, Triangle. Better shot percentage for 3-Pointers.
  • Powered-Up Fire
    At the Tonight’s Match-Up Screen: Press Left, Right, Left, Right, Up, Down, Down. The ball is now always on fire.
  • Powered-Up Offense
    At the Tonight’s Match-Up Screen: Press Right, Up, Down, Down, Up.
  • Powered-Up Shoving
    At the Tonight’s Match-Up Screen: Press Up, Triangle, Up, Circle, Up, Up. Opponents fly a little farther.
  • Powered-Up Stealing
    At the Tonight’s Match-Up Screen: Press Left, Triangle, Circle, Circle, Up. This makes it much easier to steal.
  • Infinite Turbo
    At the Tonight’s Match-Up Screen: Press Down, Triangle, Down, Down , Up. Use all the Turbo Button you want.
  • Whirlwind
    At the Tonight’s Match-Up Screen: Perform 2 clockwise circle motions with the Directional Pad. You will turn into a tornado and automatically knock down opoonents.
  • Hidden Teams with Bonus Custom Fraternity Logos
    Press Left, Up, Circle, Up, Down, Up, Right, Triangle at the title screen. Adds the Fraternities of Kappa Sigma, Lambda Chi Alpha, Pi Kappa Alpha, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Sigma Phi Epsilon, Sigma Chi, Sigma Nu, Daytona Beach, and Palm Springs. They’re found at the end of the list after Wisconsin.Plus if you go to Game Options, then Edit Team, choosing Daytona or Palm Beach allows you to edit the 3 letter fraternity on the emblem.





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