Site Updates 1-14-2024

Page Updates

Aces of the Air
• Added 50 screenshots covering the entire game
• Added Secrets and Trivia

Variants Added

Agile Warrior
Jewel Case Thick 1-ring Variant (different factory)

Kileak The DNA Imperative
2 new variants added, new details

Sticker placement variant

Guide Book Gallery

• Sybex PlayStation Strategy Guide Millennium Edition
• Sybex PlayStation Unofficial Strategy Guide Value Pack (3 previous guides in a single bundle with wrap-around)
• Brady Games Mortal Kombat 4 Pocket Codes
• John Madden – I’m Talking Pro Football Here (EA Sports Edition)
• PSX Guide PlayStation Games Book Volume 2 Guide
• PSX Guide Star Wars Jedi Power Battles Toys R Us

Demos Added

Official PlayStation Magazine Demo Disc 27
Official PlayStation Magazine Demo Disc 28
Official PlayStation Magazine Demo Disc 29

Press Releases

Added 1996 to 1997 for Fox Interactive games. This includes the press release announcing the Independence Day variant!

Magazine Ads Added

X-Mem Mutant Academy
• 1-Page Ad
• 2-Page Ad

X-Com UFO Defense
• 1-Page Ad

Zero Divide
• 1-Page Ad

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