Site Updates for 12-16-2023

Newest Additions to the site:

Page Updates
  • Black Dawn
    Added sealed copy information to spot ring-hub variants. Our top agent strikes again!
Variant Additions
Guide Book Gallery Additions
  • Tekken 3 Prima with Character Cards and Memory Card Stickers
Demo Discs Added
Screenshots Added
Genre Pages (ALL NEW!)
Discord Remixed! 
  • QA / Q & A Tab is gone, but all contents are now part of the new Tab
  • Tab is all things and gameravetv
  • “Gaming” is now gaming in general
  • “hardware-modding” is now “Modding and Patching”. BECAUSE SAMURAI SHODOWN RPG IS IN ENGLISH
  • New Channel! “books-comics-print” for all your paper-bound joy
  • Leisure moves everything non-gaming into one tab when you just need to unplug, unwind, and chill
The $1 Project

PlayStationLibrary’s public funding now offers Amazon USA and Amazon Canada Affiliate links! Just click, bookmark, and always use that link to buy stuff, and we get a small percentage of the sale. All funds go to funding the site’s server costs. You can read more at the page.

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