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Baseball is one of the United States tried and true pastimes, often called its national pastime. The PlayStation was home to 32 baseball games and one softball game. Like any good platform, a rivalry developed between 1st Party Sony and their 3rd Party publisher Electronic Arts (via the EA Sports Brand) to see who would have the best game each year.

Folks looking for a simple arcade-like experience, similar to the old-school Nintendo NES classic R.B.I. Baseball should take a chance with Frank Thomas’ Big Hurt Baseball or All-Star Baseball ’97.

Big league Slugger was a $10 budget title for the money-minded, and Sammy Sosa’s Softball Slam is there for those who prefer the slow pitch.

You can copy and paste the list below or peruse the cover gallery below to see if something sparks your fancy.

Master List

3D Baseball
All-Star Baseball 1997 Featuring Frank Thomas
Bases Loaded ’96: Double Header
Big League Slugger Baseball
Bottom of the 9th
Bottom of the 9th ’97
Bottom of the 9th ’99
Frank Thomas Big Hurt Baseball
Grand Slam
HardBall 5
HardBall ’99
High Heat Baseball 2000
Sammy Sosa High Heat Baseball 2001
High Heat Baseball 2002
Interplay Baseball 2000
MLB Pennant Race
MLB 98
MLB 99
MLB 2000
MLB 2001
MLB 2002
MLB 2003
MLB 2004
MLB 2005
Sammy Sosa Softball Slam
Triple Play 97
Triple Play 98
Triple Play 99
Triple Play 2000
Triple Play 2001
Triple Play Baseball
VR Baseball ’97
VR Baseball ’99

Cover Gallery

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