Aug. 26th New Releases: Cardinal Syn and NFL Gameday 99

Sony owns today’s release set, as they let loose two different genres to the masses. Armchair quarterbacks can rest easy knowing NFL Gameday 99 is out, going toe-to-toe with Madden NFL 99. This is going to be the rivalry to beat all rivalries, and I can bet you a $1 that the winner won’t be decided till the PlayStation 2 hits.

NFL Gameday 99 Jewel Case Release

Jewel Case Release

For those of us in the non-athletic department, Cardinal Syn is also available. A one-on-one fighting game from Kronos whose previous attempt in the genre was…Criticom. This one looks much better, but I’ll leave final opinions to those who play it.

Jewel Case Release of Cardinal Syn

Jewel Case Release

Two more days, 3 more games! Stay tuned.

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