NFL GameDay 99

PSX PlayStation NFL Gameday 99 Black Label Retail Release

Jewel Case Release


989 Studios
August 26, 1998
Red Zone Interactive
7 11719 42342 3
Sony ID:
1 to 8 Players
1 to 4 Blocks
Analog, Vibration, Multi-Tap (x2)
Everyone No Descriptors
Box Copy:

ALL NEW GRAPHICS:  Nine different position players were motion captured for unprecedented realism. All-Pro motion capture athletes include RB Mike Alstott, LB Chad Brown, CB Jason Sehorn and QB Ryan Leaf. Every subtle and personalized move of the NFL is recreated in lifelike detail. See wrap tackles from every angle, defenders standing at the line of scrimmage faking a blitz and more! Revolutionary Stadium Models with all the unique landmarks and background.

REVOLUTIONARY TV STYLE PRESENTATION:  World Famous Dick Enberg provides the play-by-play and Super Bowl XX MVP/Football Guru Phil Simms covers the color commentary. Beautiful Stadium Fly-Ins, Player Zoom-Ins and Cut Aways.

NEW AUTHENTIC FOOTBALL INTELLIGENCE:  Super Bowl XXXII MVP Terrell Davis and Pro Bowl LB Hardy Nickerson help recreate the most realistic NFL opponent ever based on the latest offensive and defensive schemes. The defense will disguise its coverage, audibilize to bump and run coverage out of a zone and execute line shifts to stuff your run tendencies. The offense will read and react to the defensive fronts, put men in motion, throw lob passes over tight man coverage and fire the ball under soft zone coverage.

UNPRECEDENTED GAMEPLAY:  Feel the contact with the Dual Shock controller. Improved Total Control Passing lets you lead or underthrow receivers in any direction.

NFL REALISM:  All the teams, players and updated stadiums. More than 500 plays including offensive and defensive schemes designed by real NFL players. Track team and player stats in every category. Wind, snow and rain all affect gameplay.







Super Bowl XXXIII Hologram Variant

PlayStation PSX NFL GameDay 99 Super Bowl XXXIII Hologram Variant

Super Bowl XXXIII Hologram Variant

Our first mystery guest variant is the Super Bowl XXXIII Hologram variant. Based on various research, this is more than likely a copy that was sold / given away at the same event. Sony ran two separate events at the Super Bowl called Game Before the Game and the Locker Room Challenge. The Game Before The Game featured a single player from each Super Bowl team playing NFL GameDay 99 against each other. Locker Room Challenge was an actual bracket tournament featuring many more players.

These events had been running four years prior, and continued on after this event. Winners from both events were awarded shadow boxes that contained either a real manual and disc, or printed replicas of them along with the content logo. These can be seen in the NFL GameDay 2000 Official Playbook Guide (link is cover scan of the guide).

It begs several questions: 1. How many of these are out there? Was this done for other copies of the game? There’s memorabilia that corroborates that there should be, including pins, store lanyards that broadcast the event, including Wal-Mart and more.

Sadly, based on the age of the game (now well over 20 years old) and that the holograms were on the actual case, most might have been lost to case replacements. Definitely one of the more wacky adventures a variant has taken me on.

Version 1.1 Code Revision Variant

After all the craziness of the other three versions (including the misprint below), NFL GameDay 99 got some code clean up a week after the fact. So there’s a ‘patched’ version available – not sure what was corrected.

PSX NFL GameDay 99 Code Revision 1.1 Variant

Code Revision 1.1 – Look for the Hologram serial to be after this one or super close to it prior wise.



NBA Hologram Misprint

PSX NFL GameDay 99 NBA Hologram Misprint Version 1

NBA Hologram Misprint

This was discovered the same week as the Super Bowl variant, and has a surprising possible origin story. Licensed sports holograms are sequential in their serials. Lining up the NFL GameDay 99 serials shows that this was the first in line followed by the Super Bowl version and then the standard edition.

Because of the hologram’s location, it lines up with the Super Bowl variant’s SB Sticker. Second, the only basketball game released that year whose hologram is in the same spot is NBA In The Zone ’98. What more than likely happened is that NBA In The Zone ’98 was printed first, and then there happened to be holograms left on the assembly wheel before it swapped to NFL GameDay 99’s Super Bowl hologram.




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Subset Collecting – A tale of madness and discovery covering the Super Bowl and NBA Misprint versions.




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