PlayStation Underground 1.2 Demo Set

PSX PlayStation Underground 1.2 Demo Set

2-Disc Foldable Set


Sony Computer Entertainment
Varies By Game
Sony ID:
SCUS-94178, 94179
006770, 006780
Varies by Game
Varies by Download
Box Copy:

Games to jolt you. Codes to baffle you. Prizes to thrill you. Inside dirt to intrigue you. It’s all inside – OPEN NOW!




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PlayStation Underground 1.2 carries a ton of new content, with a majority of it focused on Final Fantasy VII.

Disc 1
  • The Vault
  • Imports
  • Debriefing
  • Behind the Scenes
  • Event Center
  • Download Station
  • Research & Development
    • Net Yaroze
      Discusses the hobbyist PlayStation system.
    • Playable Yaroze Demos
      Funky Beans
      The Appointed Station
  • Tech Q&A
    • How is a PlayStation Character created?
    • Why did PlayStation choose CD over cartridge?
  • Code Archive
    • Adidas Power Soccer
    • Assault Rigs
    • Battle Arena Toshinden
    • Beyond the Beyond
    • Bogey: Dead 6
    • Cool Boarders
    • Crash Bandicoot
    • Destruction Derby
    • Destruction Derby 2
    • ESPN Extreme Games
    • 2xtreme
    • Formula 1
    • Jet Moto
    • Jumping Flash
    • Jumping Flash 2
    • King of Fighters ’95
    • Krazy Ivan
    • Lemmings 3D
    • Mortal Kombat 3
    • Motor Toon GP
    • NBA Shootout
    • NCAA Gamebreaker
    • NFL GameDay 97
    • NFL Faceoff 97
    • Novastorm
    • Raiden Project
    • Rally Cross
    • Samurai Shodown III
    • Tobal No. 1
    • Twisted Metal
    • Twisted Metal 2
    • Warhawk
    • Wipeout
    • Wipeout XL
  • Bulletins
    • Underground Online
    • Issue #1 Hidden Codes
    • UnderWEAR
    • Speak Your Mind
    • Win Big!
    • Get The Next Transmission!
    • Credits
    • Fine Print
Disc 2



Screenshots from Disc 1

Screenshots from Disc 2



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  • Despite having the same name, the Disc 2 Squaresoft PlayStation Previews shows more content than the stand alone disc version.
  • This issue focuses on Final Fantasy VII, which was developed by Squaresoft. Almost every programmer’s cheat involves using the Square Button.
  • In the secret Game Tester screenshot (See Secrets Tab) you can see the Debugging PlayStation on the counter.
  • If you watch the director’s clipboard animation, the changing numbers eventually read ENOS. That was part of Sony’s original marketing campaign – ENOS (with a red ‘E’) was short for “Ready, Ninth of September.” It was also Sony written phonetically backwards.



Carrying on the traditions of the original release, PlayStation Underground 1.2 has areas where inputting secret commands gives you more content.

Disc 1

  • Blasto Image
    Tech Q&A – At the screen where you choose between the character or CD question, hold Square, Triangle, and Circle, and press L1+L2.

  • Blasto Trailer
    Choose ‘Debriefing’, let the video play out or skip to where you can choose which question to watch. Now hold Square, Triangle, and Circle, and press L1+L2

  • Game Testers Photo
    Research & Development –
    As the selection screen between the Yaroze Video or demos, press and hold Square, Triangle, and Circle, and press L1+L2+R1+R2. You’ll see a funny but sad behind-the-scenes shot.

  • Intelligent Qube Trailer
    Choose ‘Imports’ and at the screen where you choose between Castlevania or Porsche Challenge, hold Square, Triangle, and Circle, and press L1+L2+R1+R2

  • K-1: The Arena Fighters Combos
    Highlight ‘Imports’ but do not select it. Press L1+L2+R1+R2 together at the same time.

  • MechWarrior 2 Code
    Highlight ‘The Vault’ icon but do not select it. Now press Square, Triangle, Circle, Cross.

  • Peak Performance Secret
    Bulletins –
    Once the opening video stops and you see the real Bulletins screen, hold Square, Triangle, and Circle, and press L1+L2+R1+R2

  • Twisted Metal Fan Tatoo
    Download Station – At the selection screen where you see the game name at the bottom, hold Square, Triangle, and Circle, and press L1+L2+R1+R2

  • WCW Vs. The World Character Moves
    Tech Q&A – At the Selection screen for questions press Square, Square, Triangle, Triangle, Circle, Circle.


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